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Exposure to Traditional/New Media

By Sancho?
  • Book

    My parents used to read me books when I was a little baby boy so I can can start talking or something.
  • Television, Radio, and Newspaper

    I used to watch TV so my yaya can rest at least. As for the radio, I hear every now and then when I'm in the car. I also see my parents read the newspaper every now and then
  • Windows Computer

    Windows Computer
    I had a family computer that I used to play games in, like Spongebob.
  • Internet, PS2

    Internet, PS2
    I remember the first website I visited was Youtube, and Y8. As for the PS2 though, my cousin owned it and invited us over to play games like Silent Hill 4: The Room, Fatal Frame 2 and 3, and other games that I forgot the name of
  • Iphone, Mac, DS, Laptop

    Iphone, Mac, DS, Laptop
    I remember being given a DS and played it non stop after that. The other gadgets I didn't own and had to ask permission from my parents to use it.
  • Wii, PSP

    Wii, PSP
    I remember my cousin convinced my parents to get us a Wii by showing them Wii Sports which was pretty funny. As for the PSP, I don't really remember how I got it.
  • PS3

    My cousin introduced us to the PS3 and showed us games like Bioshock, Red Dead Redemption, Call of Duty, etc.
  • Xbox 360

    Xbox 360
    My friend from school invited me over to play Halo with him. Halo Reach being our favorite game on the console.
  • PS4

    A lot of interesting games were coming out on this console and it interested us. After years of trying to convincing our parents to get us the console, we finally did in 2016 for some reason.