Media exposure

Exposure to Traditional Media and New Media (Mark Harold M. Enriquez, 12 STEM-NOBLE)

  • Entering in the world of Media

    This date is my entering into the world of people. At this moment, different kinds of media exist, but not as advanced as of today's era.
  • First Exposure to Media

    First Exposure to Media
    Around this date I have given, my first exposure to media was traditional media, which is the CRT TV or to describe, fat TV. My first media experience is to watch my favorite shows with this kind of media. Without this CRT TV, I would have lived a boring life. Ever since I watched on television, my childhood favorite movies and series were played into the television and got hooked with them. Making the CRT TV my first love in media.
  • Frequency Matters

    Frequency Matters
    2008, when I see the world and hear the world for the first time, aside from CRT TV, the most important device exist in our house is radio. This media that requires frequency was so convenient as it can deliver information to us about the latest news or happenings in our society without the use of electricity. It was the alternative for TV at that time, when the CRT TV cannot perceive any signal from the antenna.
  • Printed Papers

    Printed Papers
    In 2008, I remember that my mother always keep newspaper and magazines. Until now, magazines on the old time are here in the house but all the kept newspapers were being used in other purpose. Newspapers and Magazines are one of the media that help us to get information about the world. It also provides us entertainment as the newspapers and other magazines contain crossword games, puzzle games, icebreakers, and such inside the medium.
  • Computer Exposure

    Computer Exposure
    This day was my sister's birthday. Because she is nearly in the college at this time, my mother bought my sister a computer to help my sister in her studies. Besides that, our family also benefited in this media, especially me. Because of this device I got more hooked in playing video games. At this time, I'm always using offline games as I don't know anything about online games at this time. Aside from playing, I also listening to music and watching videos in this device.
  • Alongside CRT TV

    Alongside CRT TV
    Aside from CRT TV, there is also one device or media that has been useful for my family, it is for watching movies and series through cd, it is called DVD Player. The old DVD player made us together even for a short period of time because of the joy this device brought to us.
  • Attraction to Video Games

    Attraction to Video Games
    On my 4th birthday, my parents gifted me a video game controller and that's where I first experienced playing a video game. That's also the time I got hooked on playing games, the energy of playing games give me so much comfort and joy even up to the present. I even brought the energy this video game player gave me.
  • Pose

    In my early years, our means of taking photos of someone or something is through the use of Digicams. My sister owned one at this time of the year and using it to take pictures of our family and anything that she wants to capture and keep it in her memories. The storage for Digicams on that time, was SD cards. I remember that my mother bought a 32gb SD Card to store the pictures in the Digicam. After 4 years, the Digicam broke but we captured not so many moments, but enough memories to keep.
  • First Owned Portable Video Game

    First Owned Portable Video Game
    Around 2012, on my 7th year, I experienced my first portable video game which is Nintendo. I remember that I always insist my mother to buy me games to insert in the Nintendo. Ever since then, I always brought that portable video game anywhere to bring joy to myself.
  • First Cellphone Experience

    First Cellphone Experience
    Around the date of 2013, when my mother began to live separately with my father, we relocate to my grandmother's house. At that time, I was in grade 3, when I got my first experience in having a keypad cellphone. It's actually my sister's phone but she let me borrow it from her to use it in the house when I'm bored. Also, it's my means of communicating to my mother about my life in the house.
  • Early Advancement to Cellphone

    Early Advancement to Cellphone
    On this date, this was my first owned cellphone, and it was a touchscreen cellphone which is the most used technology in the world up to the present. My first exposure to this kind of cellphone and advancement made we experienced literal joy with technology. Communicating and Playing with my family and friends became very convenient. In addition, when I'm getting information about anything it was really easy because of the type of gadget that I'm using.
  • Portable Computer

    Portable Computer
    On March 2020, my mother bought my first laptop for me. This is my recent exposure to gadget or device in New Media. My mother bought me this device to help me in my studies for conveniency and comfortability. I'm really thankful for my mother that spent her money for this device to aid me in my studies. Because of this, my schoolwork and outside any activities outside of school becomes so convenient and easy for my everyday life. And up to this date, I'm still using it up to my college life.