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  • Able Janszoon Tasman

    Able Janszoon Tasman
    explorer andAbel Tasman was born in 1603 in Lutjegast, a village in the province of Groningen. He was first heard of at the end of 1631, as a widower living at Amsterdam, where he married Jannetje Tjaers at that time. In 1633 Tasman joined the Dutch East India Company and sailed to Batavia; four years later he was back in Amsterdam. Tasman signed on for another ten years and took his wife merchant,best known for his voyages of 1642.
  • William dampier

    William dampier
    Dampier first sailed as a teenager, crossing the Atlantic to Newfoundland on a merchant ship, and a second merchant voyage brought him to Java. He joined the Royal Navy in 1673 and took part in the two battles of Schooneveld in June of that yeart
  • Captin cook

    Captin cook
    7 November 1728– 14 February 1755 was a British explorer, navigator and cartographer, ultimately rising to the rank of Captain in the Royal Navy. Cook made detailed maps of Newfoundland prior to making three voyages to the Pacific Ocean during which he achieved the first European contact with the eastern coastline of Australia and the Hawaiian Islands as well as the first recorded circumnavigation of New Zealand.
  • William lawson

    William  lawson
    2 June 1774 – 16 June 1850) was an explorer of New South Wales, Australia who co-discovered a passage inland through the Blue Mountains from Sydney.Lawson was born in Finchley, Middlesex, England son of Scottish parents who had lived at Kirkpatrick. Lawson arrived in Sydney as an ensign with the New South Wales Corps in November 1800, soon being posted to Norfolk Island.
  • Blaxland

    (1778-1853), British explorer and pioneer farmer of Australia who was in the first party of Europeans to cross the Blue Mountains. Born in Kent, England, Blaxland was one of the first free settlers of the colony of New South Wales, Australia,
  • William wentworth

    William wentworth
    William Charles Wentworth (1790-1872), explorer, author, barrister, landowner, and statesman, was the son of Catherine Crowley, who was convicted at the Staffordshire Assizes in July 1788 of feloniously stealing 'wearing apparell', was sentenced to transportation for seven years, reached Sydney in the transport Neptune in June 1790, and in the Surprize arrived at Norfolk Island with the infant William on 7 August. Dr D'Arcy Wentworth, who also sailed in the Neptune and Surprize, acknowledged Wil
  • Leicharht

    Leichhardt was born in Trebatsch Germany the fourth son and sixth of the eight children of Christian Hieronymus Matthias Leichhardt, farmer and royal inspector and his wife Charlotte Sophie.
  • Burk and Wills

    Burk and Wills
    In 1860–61, Robert O'Hara Burke and William John Wills led an expedition of 19 men with the intention of crossing Australia from Melbourne in the south to the Gulf of Carpentaria in the north, a distance of around 3,250 kilometres approximately 2,000 miles.