Evolutionary Theory Evolves

  • New magnification equipment

    New magnifaction equipment is made alowing scientists to tackle the theory of us springing from non-living matter in a new way.
  • linnaeus's systema Naturae

    swedish botanist Carl von Linne attempts to clasify all the life on earth.
  • Theory of evolution introduced

    Comte de buffon speculates that living creatures evolved according to natural laws
  • Zoonomia

    Charles Darwin's grandfather toys with a daring idea. in zoonomia he states that "would it be to bold to imagine that all warm blooded animals have arisen from on living fillament?"
  • Charles Darwin's birth

    Charles Darwin is born
  • Lamrack Champions Evolution

    French naturalist Jean-Baptiste de Lamrack proposes that living things evolved to become more complex through time.
  • Catastrophes in fossil records

    Cuvier unearths fossils of bizarre and extinct creatures.
  • Lyell describes immense age of earth

    Lyell becomes a mentor himself to Charles Darwin. Darwin applies Ltell's notaion of gradual change to his theory of how species evolve.
  • Period: to

    Beagle Voyage

    Charles Darwin begins his voyage around the world. He intends to spend his life the clergy but 5 years later, at the end of what was a two year trip, he changed. he commits his life to science and discovered new laws.
  • Darwin's secret

    Darwin labels one of his secrtet notebooks "Transmutation of species" and he sketches his first "Tree of Life."
  • Anonymous pamphlet on evolution strikes fury

    Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation becomes a notorious in England. Auther Robert Chambers fearful of attack, publishes his evolutionary ideas.
  • Neanderthal

    A fossil Skull is discoverd in Germany's Neander Valley. the skull looks much like a modern human yet is distinctly different. other fossils later fuel the debate over human evolution
  • Wallace

    Brittish explorer writes darwin from malaysia seeking advice. wallace has a theory of how species might evolove. darwin is shocked this theory be what darwin has been reaserching for 20 years. without this hint of competition darwon may have never published his work in his lifetime.
  • Mendel

    Moravian monk Gregor Mendel publishes a paper detailing how traits are inherited through generations.
  • Fabulous Fossils

    in western regions of North America there is a furious hunt yeilding spectacular fossils.
  • Descent of Man

    Darwin unabashedly takes on human evolution. his new book also stresses the importance of sexual selection in driving the evolution of life.
  • Horse Fosslis

    Marsh has discoverd stunning fossils of ancient horses that had 4 toes
  • Radioactivity

    Antoine Henri Becquerel discovers radioactivity and leads to stunning calculations of the earths age and jumps to the conclusion that the earth is 4.3 billion years old
  • Mendel Rediscovered

    Mendel makes a law that all traits of parants are blended in their offspring and had been a stumbling block for evolutions even for Darwin H=himself
  • Piltdown Man

    There is a discovery of a skull which is believed to be the missing link. But in the 1950's the fossil is revealed to be fake.
  • Man-like Ape

    Raymond Dart announces that a prehistoric "man-like ape" had been found in a limestone quarry at taugs in South Africa.
  • Scopes Trial

    this legendary test case over the teaching of human evolution makes headlines around the world. leading to various religious debates.
  • scopes myth

    The Events of the Scopes trial again come forth in a historic view but portrayed as a cartoonlike struggle between dogmatic faith and rationalist scientific beliefs.
  • Neo-Darwinism

    in the early 1940"s the science of gentics has profound new insights into evolution. With new understanding of how mutations in genes can cause change in the traits of organisms.
  • DDT

    DDT a powerful insecticide spurs the evolution of insects that are resistent to it's onslaught and it is used widley in the 1940's to battle the mosquito that spreads malaria.
  • Origins of life

    electric currents act as lightning and a soup of inorganic chemicals used to simulate the conditions of ancient earth that was discovered by a young graduate student named Stanley Miller.
  • DNA

    sciences has known for decades that genes determain the traits of living things and they are passed down through the generations.
  • inherit the wind

    in post WWII american senator George McCarthy leads the attack against alleged communists, including many artists and Writers. inherit the wind playwrights Jerome Lawrance and Robert E. Lee.
  • Humans and Apes

    Breakthroughs in genetic science allow researchers to see striking similarities between the DNA of Humans and Apes.
  • Lucy

    Donald Johanson anounces the find of a 4-million-year-old fossil. the 40% complete skeleton shows evidence that an ancient human ancestor had a small ape sized brain and walked upright.
  • Sociobiology

    Havard Biologist Edward O'wilson generates a rush in activity over the debate that behaviour is dertmained by genes. creating the field of "Sociobiology" to study this.
  • DNA Codes

    DNA. the genetic bluprint for all livig things is like a text made up of chemical letters.