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  • James Ussher

    James Ussher
    Published a chronology that calculated that Earth and Heaven where created in 4004 B.C. He was Church of Ireland Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of all Ireland between 1625 and 1656.
  • Spontaneous Generation

    Spontaneous Generation
    Various instruments of magnification where created. Francesco Redi discovered why fly maggots constantly appeared in rotten meat.
  • Carolus Linnaeus´s

    Carolus Linnaeus´s
    He was a first class sicentist. Published a book called Systema Naturae in which he classifed all living things. Describes plant and animal's ways of reproduction and basis of phisical apperance. Linnaeus classidied the relation between animals and plants according to their similarities.
  • Comte de Bufon

    Comte de Bufon
    He saw how livign things evolved and changes trough time, he thought that this happened thanks to the enviorment. He believed that earth was way more older than 6000. He had a theory that human and apes where somehow related.
  • George Curvier

    George Curvier
    He published a paper about living and fossiled elephants when it was believed all over the world that no specie had ever extinct. Curvier believed that all of the fossiles he found were of remains of dead and extincted species. His theory made him believe that catastrophic events where what had caused the extinction of many species.
  • Natural Theology

    Natural Theology
    "Natural Theology views God trough nature". Archdeacon William Paley had a theory that said that God existence was not the only one that manifested the forms of nature but his atributes as well.
  • Jean-Baptiste Lammark

    Jean-Baptiste Lammark
    Believed that microscopic organisms appear casually from dead matter and then they evolved into more complex forms, and the ultimate product that evolved where humans. He had a threory that said that when an organism uses a body part or an organ too much it evolves and its offspring is born with that specific part more developed. Lammark's theory was incorrect.
  • Beagle Voyage

    Beagle Voyage
    The Beagle was the ship that carried Charles Dawrin to the Galapagous Islands, Tropical Forests, and Andean Peaks which where his most important trips as a scientist.
  • Charles Lyell

    Charles Lyell
    He said that earth most be very old and that it has gone trough the sae sort of natural processes that it went trough in the past. This "natural processes" include earthquakes, glacial movements, volcanoes, and animal and plant decomposion.
  • Neanderthal

    A fossil skull was found in Germany's Neander Valley which created a debate on whether all humans are product of Aadam and Eve. The fossil that was founded looks like a human skull, though it looks slightly different.
  • Alfred Russell Wallace

    Alfred Russell Wallace
    Young British explorer. He had a theory of how species evolved. Darwin was impresed when he found out that Wallace had "struck upon" the theory of natural selection that Darwin had been trying to figure out for more thatn 20 years. Wallace had few information but it was way more evidence than what Darwin had found. Their ideas where similar. Wallace pushed Darwin to publish his book.
  • Origin of Species

    Origin of Species
    Darwin's book "Origin of Species" was very influencial and succesful. It offers evidence and proposes a logic theory for evolution, and the difference between a wild animal's evolution and a domestic animal's evolution. Dawrin says that his book is not a denyal of God.
  • Ape Debate

    Ape Debate
    Darwin's book "Origin of Species" didn't include anything about the human evolution. A meeting occurred on 1860 where scientists attaked Darwin's theory with a bunch of questions. Thomas Henry Huxley(Darwin's "bull dog") tries to help and to defend him.
  • Evolution Accepted

    Evolution Accepted
    There are still some scientists that keep denying Darwin's theory of Evolution. Many newspapers, magazines, books, and religous publications promote the theory of Evolution. Still nowadays Darwin's theory is doubted.
  • Decendent of Man

    Decendent of Man
    Darwin starts to research about human evolution. His new book foucuses on "sexual selection" too.
  • Horse Fossils

    Horse Fossils
    Thomas Herny Huxley travels to the U.S to a museum where he finds Marsh who recently discovered some ancient horse fossils. Marsh and Huxley create a theory for this horse fossils.
  • Darwin's Burial

    Darwin's Burial
    Darwin's body was burried near Sir Issac Newton's grave. Politicians and scientists attended to his funeral in Englnand. The Angelical Church finally acepted evolution.
  • Radioactivity

    Radioactivity was discovered by physiciatrist Antoine Henri Becquerel. New evidence shows that Earth is older than 4.3 billion years older.
  • Piltdown Man

    Piltdown Man
    All of the critics and proponents of evolution waited for the discovery of the missing link between humans and primates. The fossil of a skull called "Piltdown Man" seems to finally link this two. In 1950 it was revealed that the fossil was a fake.
  • First Anti-Evolution Bills

    First Anti-Evolution Bills
    William Jenninga Bryan and six southern and border states considered the ani-evolution proposals. In Oklahoma new schools where crwated where they learned both Drwin's theory of creation and the Materialist Concept of History.
  • Man-Like Ape

    Man-Like Ape
    Raymond Dart declares that a man-like ape has been found in South Africa. The fossils where found as well as a skull of an ancient baboon. Dart claimed that the man-like ape had killed the baboon and ate his brain.
  • Textbook

    Publishers removed reference of evolution in all biology text books in the South and West Africa. Evolution is teached around the country.
  • Anti-Evolution Bills

    Anti-Evolution Bills
    As the years passed, some anti-evolution bills where anounced in about 20 states by the 1930's many areas had started teaching evolution.
  • Tenesse Law

    Tenesse Law
    Tenesse made a law of not to teach any theory that denys the story of the Devine Creation of man taught in the bible, and to teach instead that man had decended from animals. Parents said that they had the rights to controll what their children learned and most of them opposed to teach about evolution.
  • Neo Darwinism

    Neo Darwinism
    By early 1940's the science of genetics was discovered and profound new ensights to evolution. Scientists begin to understand why random mutations of species happened and how it can cause changes in the traits of an organism. Darwin's natural selection better known as the "neo darwninsm" is a modern theory os evolution and genetics.
  • Evolution Shunned

    Evolution Shunned
    There where many text books and comercials with anti-evolution regulations that made the teaching of evolution hit a low poin. A scientist said that less than a half of the high schools taught anything about evolution.
  • Supreme Court

    Supreme Court
    A Supreme Court occured saing that niether the state or the federal government could pass laws that involved religion. A similar case happened in 1978 that bans religous teaching in public schools.
  • Origins of Life

    Origins of Life
    A young graduated student named Stanley Miller produced an amino acid key chemical of building blocks of life.
  • DNA

    Every scientist knows that genes determine traits of living things and that they pass trough generations. Scientists where still waiting for the discovery of the structure of DNA to determine the details of how genes really look and how they work exactly.
  • Human and Apes

    Human and Apes
    Many scientists have seen similarities in the DNA of apes and humans. They compared the DNA of humans, african apes, and organgutans, and that is how they found out that human and apes are more similar and related than apes and orangutans.
  • Supreme Court on Evolution

    Supreme Court on Evolution
    A supreme court on teaching evolution happened because many conflicts began challenging the anti-evolutionist people in the South. The supreme court putted an end to laws that prohibited teaching evolution. The young biology teacher named Susan Epperson volunteered to be on the supreme court.
  • DNA codes

    DNA codes
    DNA had been a painstaking process for many years, but technology advanced and now it is easier and not expensive which made people begin to research. Evolution Scientists saw how at a molecular level the DNA of some organisms had changed trough the years.
  • Textbook disclaimer

    Textbook disclaimer
    The school board of Tengipoha Parish required other institutions that whenever they are teaching about evolution students should be aware that the material is "not intended to influence the bibal version of creation". All biology books most include that evolution is a theory not a fact.
  • Pope John Paul II

    Pope John Paul II
    The pope "opened the door" for the Catholic acceptence of evolution. He announced that the theory had been progresively acepted by researchers following by a series of knowladge and discoveries.
  • Science Standards

    Science Standards
    A nation wide study was made in the US and about 19 states had a weak job handling evolution in their science classes. Twelve states "shun" the word evolution and four basically avoid the topic.
  • Human Genome

    Human Genome
    The first draft of the human genome was complete and scientists saw better how humans where related to other species on Earth. Humans share about 98 percent of their DNA with chimpanzees and they have some genes in common with fruit flies and yeast.