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Evolution Timeline

  • Bishop Ussher

    Bishop Ussher
    The creation of Earth and Heaven that took place in 4004 B.C.
  • Spontaneous Generation

    Spontaneous Generation
    The obsolete body of any thought on the ordinary formation of living organisms without descent from similar organisms
  • linnaeu's

    Classify life on earth: kingdoms, classes, orders, genera and species. Linnaeus system does not imply that different species are related.
  • Comte de Buffon

    Comte de Buffon
    He speculates that living things creatures evolve using the natural laws. He stated that apes and humans are related.
  • Natural Theology

    Natural Theology
    Believe of the religion.
  • Lamarck

    He realized organisms adapt and was one of the first scientists to see that evolution occurred.
  • Cuvier

    He saw organisms as integrated wholes. Where no body part could be modified without changing and interfering with the natural balance it had.
  • Lyell

    Earth is a million years old and that it had changed over time, they helped darwin wit some of their ideas.
  • Beagle Voyage

    Beagle Voyage
    When Darwin went to his trip in the voyage he spends his life in the ocean. After his trip he is a changed man interested in nature and discovering nature’s laws. 1831-1836
  • Neanderthal

    Found a fossil skull of a neanderthal, they though it was related to human evolution. A huge debate was made about the descents of Adam and Eve.
  • Wallace

    He wrote to darwin, evolution by natural selection based on his studies on plants and animals.
  • Evolution Accepted

    Evolution Accepted
    Some scientists still denied the theory of evolution, but a few years later after darwin’s book, evolution was a big thing on science.
  • Origin of Species

    Origin of Species
    Darwin’s book gets very influential. About domestic animals evolving through breeding or natural selection species start to evolve. It challenges god’s existence but Darwin stresses and says his work is not a denial of god’s existence.
  • Ape Debate

    Ape Debate
    They attack darwin about him saying apes and humans are related, a debate starts.
  • Descendence of a man

    Descendence of a man
    Darwin’s new book focuses on human evolution and stresses the sexual selection int the driving of life.
  • Horse Fossils

    Horse Fossils
    Thomas Huxley visits fossil hunter Othniel Charles Marsh. They discovered fossils of ancient fossils and how horses evolved during time.
  • Darwin's Burial

    Darwin's Burial
    Darwin’s tummbed was rest in England.
  • Radioactivity

    Scientist Antoine Henri discovers calculations about radioactivity on earth’s age. Proving that earth is more than 4.3 billions more.
  • Piltdown man

    Piltdown man
    There’s a missing link between humans and primates. The fossil called the piltdown man proved that humans and primates are related.
  • First Anti-Evolution Bills

    First Anti-Evolution Bills
    First anti evolutoon bills passed. Spurred by William Jennings Bryan and a growing grassroots movement, six Southern and border states considered anti-evolution proposals. Two measures pass. In Oklahoma, a ban is placed on public schools textbooks that teach the "Materealist Conseption of History (i.e.) the Darwin Theory of Creation"
  • Man like Ape

    Man like Ape
    Raymond Dart announces that prehistoric man looks like an ape.
  • textbook

    Fearing the loss os sales in the West and East publishers remove evolution from biology’s textbooks.
  • Anti-evolution bills

    Anti-evolution bills
    35 new anti-evolution bills appear. 3 states pass laws on the evolution and 20 didn’t. In 1930 strict laws were made about not teaching evolution. 1925-1930
  • Tenesee Law

    Tenesee Law
    Tennessee law bans teaching human evolution. By an overwhelming majority, the Tennessee legislature passes a bill that makes it a misdemeanor for public school teachers "to teach any theory that denies the story of the Divine Creation of man as taught in the Bible, and to teach instead that man had descended from a lower order of animal."
  • Neo Darwinson

    Neo Darwinson
    Discovered mutations in organisms and that inherited changes can be spread throughout a population’s mechanism. It is a combination theory between Darwin’s natural selection and his.
  • Evolution Shunned

    Evolution Shunned
    Less than half of all high school in subject science learned about evolution in the 1940’s.
  • Supreme Court

    Supreme Court
    In 1947 in the supreme court they stated that they could not pass any religion saying is better than other.They banned religious instructors in 1948. 1947-1948
  • Pope pios XII

    Pope pios XII
    He considers evolution as a serious hypothesis. He leads catholics to accept evolution by saying this words “If the human body takes it’s origin from preexisting living matter, the spiritual soul is immediately created by god”
  • Origins of Life

    Origins of Life
    Stanley Miller produces amino-acids indicating that the first life on earth could be created by natural process.
  • DNA

    Scientists have knew that genes are made of traits but they were not sure how then a double-helix structure of DNA helps find out what DNA is and how it works.
  • Human and apes

    Human and apes
    They see striking similarities between apes and humans via DNA. Marie Claire King and Allie Wilson estimate that humans have 98% of ape’s genes.
  • Supreme Court on evolution

    Supreme Court on evolution
    Lawsuits begin to challenge the anti-evolutionist in the south. Evolution is now being learned in public schools in the south.
  • DNA codes

    DNA codes
    They see now how organisms have changed through life-times and how they evolved.
  • Textbook disclaimer

    Textbook disclaimer
    The schools say that even evolution is taught, it’s not to influence wether god created earth or not. 1994-1995
  • Pope John Paul II

    Pope John Paul II
    Open the doors to let evolution in. He wrote: “It is indeed remarkable.” “That this theory has been progressively accepted by researchers, following a series of discoveries and in various fields of knowledge. The convergence, neither sought nor fabricated, of the results of work that was conducted independently is in itself a significant argument in favor of this theory.”
  • Science Standards

    Science Standards
    The study stresses that creationist views have no place in the science classroom, yet also sounds a conciliatory note: "Scientists and science teachers do well to keep in mind that a large majority of Americans believes that faith in God is the surest way to appreciate the wonder and grandeur of life itself. Schools need to recognize and honor that faith."
  • Human Genome

    Human Genome
    It reveals human evolution. With the first draft completed, scientists see more and discover more. Humans have genes in common with fruit flies and yeast. These genomics give scientists clues about how we have evolved within all the living organisms.