• Bishop Ussher

    Bishop Ussher
    Using biblical chronology, he calculated the creation of Heaven and Earth around 4004 B.C.
  • Spontaneous Generation

    Spontaneous Generation
    Jesult-trained Francisco Redi, showed that there is no ‘‘spontaneous generation’’, but rather born from tiny eyes to tiny for the naked eyed to see.
  • Linnaeus´s

    Swedish botanist Carl von Linne attempts to classify all life on earth. Unlike Darwin’s ‘‘tree of life’’ Linnaeu’s system does not say that different species are related through evolution.
  • Comte de Bufon

    Comte de Bufon
    In his Natural History, Georges Louis Lecierc, Comte de Buffon affirms that leaving creatures evolve according to natural laws. The suggestion about humans and apes being related and that we all come from the same ancestor arises.
  • Natural Theology

    Natural Theology
    Archdeacon Will Paley’s Natural Theology, holds that not only God’s existence but also his attributes are manifest in the forms of nature.
  • Lamarck

    He proposed the selective use of organs, organisms acquired or lost certain traits during their lifetime. (Natural Selection)
  • Cuvier

    French naturalist Georges Curvier attempts to explain fossils of bizarre and extint creatures.
  • Lyell

    States that earth is about a million years old and that it changes over time.
  • Beagle Voyage

    Beagle Voyage
    5 years long voyage around that world that changed Darwin’s change.
  • Neanderthal

    The Neanderthal fossil makes people doubt about all humans being direct descendants of Adam and Eve.
  • Wallace

    Alfred Russel Wallace creates a theory about how species might evolve.
  • Origin of Species

    Origin of Species
    Darwin publishes a very influential boon called ‘‘Origin of Species’’.
  • Ape Debate

    Ape Debate
    Critics assume (correctly) that Darwin thinks humans are no exception.
  • Evolution Accepted

    Evolution Accepted
    Some scientists continue to reject the idea of evolution, but only a few years after On the Origin of Species is published.
  • Descent of Man

    Descent of Man
    Darwin now completely takes on human evolution. His new book also stresses the importance of sexual selection.
  • Horse Fossils

     Horse Fossils
    Othniel Charles Marsh has recently discovered stunning fossils of ancient horses. Horse fossils reveal a story of evolution.
  • Darwin's Burial

    Darwin's Burial
    Darwin's body is laid to rest in a place of honor. Darwin was buried in Westminster Abbey.
  • Radioactivity

    The discovery of radioactivity by physicist Antoine Henri Becquerel leads to stunning calculations of Earth's age.
  • Piltdown Man

     Piltdown Man
    Darwin Theory is now confirmed to be true. The find at first bolsters the argument for human evolution.
  • Man-like Ape

    Man-like Ape
    The fossils are found along with the skull of an ancient baboon that has a mysterious opening.
  • Textbooks Censored

    Textbooks Censored
    Textbooks are prohibited. Publishers remove references to evolution from biology textbooks, including George William Hunter's.
  • Anti-Evolution Bills Spread

    Anti-Evolution Bills Spread
    Many areas in which the fundamentalists had political influence have passed some form of restriction on the teaching of evolution.
  • Neo-Darwinism

    Scientists now understand that random genetic mutations can cause changes in the traits of organisms, and that such inherited changes are then spread throughout a population by the mechanism Darwin called natural selection.
  • Evolution Shunned

    Evolution Shunned
    The teaching of evolution hits a low point.
  • Supreme Court

    Supreme Court
    Teaching religion in public schools was no longer accepted.
  • Pope Pius XII

    Pope Pius XII
    Pope Pius Xll leads the way for catholics to accept even human evolution by stressing distinction between body and soul.
  • Origins of Life

    Origins of Life
    A young graduate student named Stanley Miller produces amino acids. This experiment, and others, indicate that the first life on Earth may have arisen from natural process.
  • DNA

    The structure of DNA and how does it work is discovered.
  • Human and Apes

    Human and Apes
    Breakthroughs in genetics allow researchers to see the similarities in the DNA blueprints for humans and apes.
  • Supreme Court on Evolution

    Lawsuits begin challenging anti-evolutionist legislation in South.
  • DNA Codes

    DNA Codes
    The DNA codes offer new evidence about evolution.
  • Textbook Disclaimer

    Textbook Disclaimer
    School boards create a requirement that whenever evolution is taught, students must be informed that the material is ‘‘not intended to influence or dissuade the Biblical version of creation’’.
  • Pope John Paul II

    Pope John Paul II
    Pope John Paul ll opened the door for Catholic acceptance of evolution.
  • Science Standards

    Science Standards
    The Fordham Foundation laments that the U.S. states do ‘‘a weak-to-reprehensible job handling evolution in their science standards’’
  • Human Genome

    Human Genome
    With the human genome complete, scientists see more about the human species and their relationship with other life on Earth.