• Bishop Ussher

    Bishop Ussher
    Bishop Ussher was Church of Ireland Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of all Ireland between 1652 and 1656. He was a scholar, who was famous for getting published a chronology. The chronology established that the time and date of the creation as the night preceding Sunday, 23 October 4004 BC, acording to Julian calendar.
  • Spontaneous Generation

    Spontaneous Generation
    Spontaneous generation refers both processes in which diferent types of life can emerge from specific sources.
  • Linnaeus

    Linnaeus was a Swedish botanist, attempts to clasify all life on Earth. His system divids all life into kingdoms, classes, orders, genera and species. Diferent from Darwin's "tree of life" which implies that every specie is related through evolution, Linnaeus stablished that each specie is a diferent "archetype" .
  • Comte de Bufon

    Comte de Bufon
    In his book "Natural History" he predicts that living creatures evolve according to their enviroment. He also suggested that humans came from apes, and that all life has descended from a single ancestor.
  • Natural Theology

    Natural Theology
    The book "Natural Theology" says that God's existence and his atribtes are manifest in the intricate forms of nature.
  • Lamarck

    Jean-Baptisite Lamarck was a french naturalist proposed that living things evolve to become more complex through time. On his book "Philosophie zoologique" he says that creatures have "vital forces" that help them adapt to the enviroment.
  • Cuvier

    Georges Cuvier tried to explain the construction of canals and mines on the 19th century unearthed fossils of extinct species. He stated that somecatastrophes wiped out life in the past. But insisted that the past life didn't evolve into present forms.
  • Lyell

    Charles Lyell thought that Earth's geology is explained by slow-moving and gradual processes. He followed the steps of his mentor, James Hutton. Later he became mentor of Charles Darwin.
  • Beagle Voyage

    Beagle Voyage
    Darwin parted on his voyage on the Beagle for 5 years which were intended to be a 2 year voyage. When Darwin returns he is comitted to a life in science.
  • Neanderthal

    Fossils of skulls were discovered in Germany, which it creates doubts that if all humans are the direct descendants of Adam and Eve. The skull wich looks like the one of the modern human but yet is different.
  • Wallace

    British explorer, Alfred Russel Wallace wrote to Darwin seeking for advice. He had a theory on how species might evolve. The theory "Natural Selection" which surprised Darwin, who had been researching that for 20 years. He made Darwin Publish "The Origin Of Species".
  • Origin of Species

    Origin of Species
    The book offers good evidence and proposes of a relevant theory for evolution. Animals can evolve from "artificial selection" and "natural selection".
  • Ape Debate

    Ape Debate
    Critics on "The Origin Of Species" assume Darwin thought humans were no exception on evolution. They attack Darwin of a meeting of Britain's leading scientists with critics on his theory for bestializing humankind.
  • Evolution Accepted

    Evolution Accepted
    Through time scientists continued to denie evolution, but not until a few years after the "The Origin Of Species" was published, evolution was mainstream science.
  • Decedent Of Man

    Decedent Of Man
    Darwin's new book "The Descent Of Man" talks about the importance of "sexual selection" for the evolution of life. To pass traits from generation to the next one the animals must be fit to survive and irresistable to the opposite sex.
  • Horse Fossils

    Horse Fossils
    Thomas Huxley and Charles Marsh worked together on some fossils of ancient horses that Charles had recently discovered. Both came with the story that the modern horse comes from a four.toed ancestor.
  • Darwin´s Burial

    Darwin´s Burial
    Charles Darwin dies and is buried in a place of honor, near the grave of Isaac Newton. Many leading politicians, scientists and clergy attend his burial.
  • Radioactivity

    Antoine Henri Becquerel dicovered radiocativity, which leads to calculations on Earth's age. New techniques show that Earth is 4.3 billion years old.
  • Piltdown Man

    Piltdown Man
    Critics and proponents of evolution wait the discovery of the "missing link" between humans and primates. Piltdown Man a fossil skull seems to be it.
  • First Anti Evolution Bill

    First Anti Evolution Bill
    Many people calle anti-evolutionists detest the idea that humans are related to apes and other animals. Six Southern and border states consider anti-evolution proposals. Two measures pass, and a ban is placed on schools that teach "Materialist Conception Of History the Darwin Thoery of Creation".
  • Man Like Ape

    Man Like Ape
    Raymond Dart announced that a prehistoric man-like-ape was foundin a lime stone in South Africa. The fossil is found along with a skull of an ancient baboon that has a opening.
  • Textbook

    Publishers in teh South and West removed references to evollution from biology textbooks.
  • Anti-evolution Bills

    Anti-evolution Bills
    In the next years of the Scopes Trial, 35new anti-evolution bills are proposed in 20 states and in 3 states pass laws.
  • Tennessee Law

    Tennessee Law
    The Tennessee legislature passes a law to ban teaching about human evolution. The American Civil Liberties Union ask for volunteers to challenge it.
  • Neo Darwinism

    Neo Darwinism