Evolution of technology

  • Telex messaging network

    Telex messaging network
    The "Telex messaging network" was invented during the 1930's but predated during 1910's and wasn't public till around 10 years later. The use for "Telex messaging network" was used to connect people through telephone lines just like in todays modern society.
  • World Brains

    World Brains
    The "World Brains" system was used to gather data and create a massive "search engine" that contained photos, documents, microfilm, multiple media, from sound recordings to television and possibly even more than that.
  • CNC (Complex Number Calculator)

    CNC (Complex Number Calculator)
    The "CNC (Complex Number Calculator)" was the first real version of a computer that was made and competed in the 1940's
  • Z3

    The Z3 was built by a German citizen and was used to make most calculations and was used for aerodynamic calculations but then was unfortunatley destroyed during a bombing raid in berlin.
  • Colossus

    Designed by British engineer Tommy Flowers this machine was to break the complex Lorenz ciphers that were made by nazi in WW2 to help learn of their intentions
  • DPL (digital phone lines)

    DPL (digital phone lines)
    A line that was used for phones and used internationally and was specifically used to be able to make more calls
  • DDP-116

    Worlds first public computer and was listed around $28K
  • ARPAnet

    "the ARPAnet is the first large-scale, general-purpose computer network to connect different kinds of computers together. But others come online within weeks or months. Work begins on France’s CYCLADES network not long after. The massive funding will help it pull ahead of rivals."
  • World Wide web

    World Wide web
    The "World Wide web" is born and is an international web finder being used for almost any possible task
  • iphone

    The first form of a hand held computer performing task item. This "iphone" could do mostly anything a computer could do but except it does even more