Ever Growing Life.

Timeline created by NatashaJohnson
  • Birth

    In a grand slumber around 3 in the morning my happily pregnant for the second time mother was awoken by a terrible leak. Wonderful me was ready for this god offical place I know call home. It took six or so hours of fun filled pain. Then the most amazing thing happened...I Natasha Sue Johnson was born,
  • Taxi!

    Unable to express my most vauled opinion, my brother decides to persuade my mother into leaving me in the taxi we had rode in. Unsuccessful he decides to torcher me for the rest of adoring life.
  • Great Advenctures

  • Gravity Strikes Back.

    Playing on our atleast six foot from the ground porch my amazingly smart brother figures out how to unlock the gate leading to fourteen steps all the way down..... Him and his smarts also decide it's a wonderful idea to ravel all the way down these steps. Oh yeah, he made it down them alright. Upside down the whole way.
  • Swimming Sensation

    Learning how to swim
  • Slumberless.

    Another reastless night has set into place. Nothing my mother picks me up and places me in the truck and leaves going down the holler. There's just something about driving that still puts me to sleep.
  • The big "change"

    At the age of three my life changed for the worse. What seems to be only a vauge memeroy now haunts my past, present, and my lovely future. This so happens to be the year my parent's thought it was an excelent idea to get a divorce. The sad part is not only did it effect me but my older brother, who was the age of five at the time.
  • New and Unforgetable Faces

    Around four years old in a strange place with a new face that I didn't know I wouldn't be seeing again at the time, I was laying on the ground playing Barbies with this man. He face is something I wish I could remeber because that man is now dead. I owe it to him to atleast keep him in memorie.
  • Changing Homested.

    Leaving my own home to live with dad, brother, grandparents. and aunt. Forgetting one of the most important person behind....
    Life in it's self has it's own way of breaking itself.
  • Tea Party

    In preschool we thought it was the smartest idea to throw the tea set pieces outsode the window so that the teachers would go outside and get them(:
  • Bad to The Bone.

    Watching my favorite show, Elmo, while having a conversation with a good friend when a hand touching my stardled me. I looked up and my teaher had this really mean look on her face and tells me to get in the corner. I was sooooo scared. I almost cried, I was too tough for that.
  • Baby, you're a firework.

    Holding my dads arm in intesapation my eyes were shut. Waiting, waiting for that boom with those sparkless. INside I went with a little girl away from the noise. In her room was these tubes with tis cage, All I wanted to do was touch the tube, it fell. The cretcure had escaped.
  • Summer Lovin'

    My first crush
  • What a Lovely Taste.

    In one of the many trailers my momed lived in when I was younger Was the first time I ate deer meat. I was sitting at the table next to my mom and there was this plate of meat with the some type of sauce. Now, to get me to eat it my mom waited till after I had chewed up the first peice. Ain't she smart. I'm also pretty sure that was the only time I have ever aten Deer meat as well.
  • Four Eyes:p

    The very last day ofsecond grade I got glasses.
  • False Teeth.

    Not old enough to swim in the "deep" in of the pool of even the middle I was stuck in the shallow. The summer before my 3rd grade year was my first year of the church camp. I loved camp even after my accident. One hot day in the pool I was swimming with my eyes close them BAM I ran into the steps of the pool. When I came to the surface I felt of ,y mouth and a chip was missing. I went to the life gaurd in shock an all she did was tell me it would be okay .
  • Skate Away.

    In fourth grade it was a custom to got to the skating rink every weekend. It was the "cool" thing to do. At the rink everyone knew everyone. The big thing at the rink was couple skating. The next couple was the big gossip.
  • Florida here I come.

    The first and only time I went to Florida was not as I expected. It rained the first couple days there. The first day we went to this dollar store and I bought these really cute dice earings. I played with jellyfish at the beach and spent the whole time with my best of friends.
  • Be Who You Want to Be.

    7th grade, when I first stretched my ears. Being apart of someones every day life got boring after the first 13 years of my life. Going home one day I decided that I wanted to stick a tongue ring straight threw my ear. The pain was something unforgettable. By doing this pne event started a chain of the same event. A few days after I saw several people who had done the same thing. This had pushed me to go eveb furether in my ear sctretching program.
  • Six Flgs.

    I always wanted to go to SIx Flags my whole intire childhood up to 6th grade when I finally had the chance. We had to be at the school by four o'clock which means no sleep for us. I had spent the night with Taylor the night before our big day ahead. I remember watching a whole season of Family Guy. When we arive at school the next day we were I say the 3rd and fourth people there. Before leaving Taylors dad gives us both a kiss on the cheeck and waved as he walked out the door.itwasthebestdayof
  • Capture the Moment.

    As a growing child you find new things that intrest you every day. This is the year that "pictures" rocked my world. I had gotten a camera, which is something I had wanted for awhile, for Christmas. I took it every where with me I never left it unattended, Each new picture I took expanded my high interest in capturing every beautiful moment. This developed into something I now want to make a career of it.
  • Last Year.

  • Happy strecthings.

  • Daddy

  • Starting anew.

    The beginning of this year was hard enough at the fact, ya know, a new year. It just so happened to be the year my brother grows up all at once. Age 18 he decides that it's best for him to leave this crater of a place and start over.....college. All the way in North Carolina with my aunt fixing to attend college seemed like a better career rather than protecting me. his damsel in distress of a sister. I was completely lost.