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  • Internet safety

    Internet safety
    Wired LearningIn our internet safety segment, we discussed information on how to keep your information safe on the internet. We made presentations with facts about the internet that include what to share and not to share to protect yourself.
  • Avatar Creater

    Avatar Creater
    Be Funky We created avatars on Be Funky by using our school pictures and putting on special affects to protect your identity and so your friends can still recognize you.
  • Powerpoint for safety

    Powerpoint for safety
    I don't have a link for this because Justin has the powerpoint on his computer. Our powerpoint illustrated the facts that were discovered on the link that is connected. We worked together to create a presentation to tell the class how to be safe on the internet.
  • Wordle

  • Glogster

    Gloogster/best glogs Glogster is a website that allows you to create colorful digital posters with options that include adding pictures, text, animations, and more!This is great for when you do not have enough information to make a powerpoint, and want to try a new presenting format.
  • Animoto

    Animoto sign in Animoto is a fun website that can turn your pictures of an event , into a short slide show with music, and other visuals. Word boxes are also available for discription of a gruop of pictures.
  • iGoogle

    iGoogle Homepage iGoogle is a tool available from google that allows you to create your very own unique search engine homepage by adding RSS feeds for games, news, and more. There are more than 500 RSS feeds that you can add!
  • Google Docx.

    Google Docx.
    google docx. sign in Google docx. is a presentation, word document, spread-sheet, and many more thing in one convenient place. Sign in with your igoogle , and you can access your document anywhere! You can even invite co-workers to the document through hei g-mail accounts!
  • Logos the Turtle

    Logos the Turtle
    Logos the Turtle is a site created for amateur programmers and can draw simple designs with simple commands.
  • Robot C

    Robot C
    Robot C websiteRobot C is a more advanced version of Logos, but introduces a new sensor tool for online maze completion, and can be bought with the robot shown on image for this event. You somply plug your code into the Robot, and watch it repeat your instructions in real life!
  • Web 2.0

    Web 2.0
    Web 2.0 sourceWeb 2.0 is a website that stores all of the latest internet tools, such as art creators, interior design, comic creators, and many more. I made a video on a tool called sketchfu that allows you to draw on the computer, and then press a replay button that shows you drawing your design at up to x258 speed.
  • Timetoast

    Time Toast homeTime Toast is a site that allows you to create a timespan and insert evens and other, smaller timespans inside your main timeline. You can add pictures, a description, title, and a link to every event!