Euro Lit

  • Made the Cheerleading Team

    I moved to Del Mar High School my freshman year. I didn't know a single person. For the first two weeks of school I'd sit alone in a back hallway and talk on the phone with my mom or brother. My birthday is pretty close to the start of school, and I was sad I would spend it alone. On my birthday I was handed a flyer for cheerleading try-outs. I considered it a sign, and decided to try out. I ended up making the team, and was named a captain! Cheerleading taught me leadership skills, filled me wi
  • Getting Asked to My First

    My freshman year, I was asked to the Homecoming dance by a sophomore boy. After we had just won an away football game, the cheerleaders sang the hymn to the football players. After we sang, the sophomore boy took a rose from his football pads and asked me to the dance. His coaches, his teammates, my fellow cheerleaders, my coaches, and the crowd all were so happy! This made me feel really special.
  • Inspirational Rally

    At the end of first semester, Del Mar has their "Inspirational Rally." The ten students from each grade that have the highest GPA's get recognized and get to sit in the middle of the gym during the rally. I was one of the freshman with a high GPA. I was happy to be noticed for my grades and was flattered to be announced in front of the entire student body.
  • End of Freshman Year

    Finishing my freshman year of high school was a giant accomplishment for me. I had moved to another school and had to make all new friends. Also adjusting to a big high school versus the small pond of middle school, was difficult. Many days after I got home from school, I'd cry because I missed my old friends. It was also the first year my brother was away a college, so I really felt alone. At the end of the year, my mom and I celebrated. She bought us matching Tiiffany&Co bracelets to symbolize
  • Mom's Heart Surgery

    My mom underwent heart surgery.
  • Got Asked to Prom

    As a sophomore, I got asked to be my friends prom date! I had an amazing time, and so did he!
  • Houseboating Trip

    One of my favorite vacations. Three girlfriends and I went houseboating at Lake Don Pedro at the beginning of summer. WE swam to a waterfall, jumped off a giant rock, caught fish, and tanned!
  • Getting My Braces Off

    Braces are definitely worth it.
  • Music in the Park

    Music in the Park is a weekly free concert in downtown San Jose during the summer. They are so much fun to go to with friends and listen to great music. I went to a lot of them!
  • Got My First Job

    My cheer coach resgined and our team fell apart. Our school no longer had a cheer program. I decided to get a job. I was hired after one interview at Aldo Shoes.
  • Young Science Concert

    Two friends and I went to a Holdup & Young Science conert in Santa Cruz. We had a hotel for the night which was really cool! This was one of my first major concerts, I decided not to bring my phone in case I lost it. I ended up meeting a really awesome guy, the lead singer of the band. We became friends and he got my phone number, we actually talked afterwards too!
  • Spring Break in San Diego

    I visited my brother in San Diego for my Junior year Spring Break. I stayesd at his house with his five roommates and we had a fun time! It was beautiful weather, we went to a dance party, and we had Sprinkles cupcakes!
  • Met Maroon 5

    I got VIP tickets to a Maroon 5 concert. I was in the very first row with five of my friends. We met the band, got pictures with them, and got their autographs.
  • Outside Lands

    Outside Lands is a threee dya music festival that takes place in San Francisco every summer. I went with my brother, his best friend, and my best friend. We had an amazing time! I saw over 20 artists: Santigold, Wallpaper, Rebelution, Die Antwoord, Skrillex, Bloc Party, City & Colour, Yacht, Fun, Franz Ferdinand, Fitz and the Tantrums, Sigur Ros, Justice, Passion Pit, Mimosa, Geographer, and many more! Best weekend of my life. I plan on goign every year while I live in San Francisco.

    I moved to Lynbrook High School and was reunited with all of my best friends!
  • Getting Accepted to College

    Someone posted on Facebook that they got accepted to San Francisco State University. I immediately checked my portal and found out I GOT ACCEPTED!! I called my mom over 10 times and she didnt pick up, so I called my dad and brother. I was so happy!
  • Tiesto Concert

    Best concert of my life.
  • Prom Season

    Senior year I went to three proms, they were all really fun and some of the best memories of high school.