Etowah Career Timeline

By vu10005
  • First Day of School

    Today, I began my first day of high school. I was very nervous, but I just faced the day like I have been for my other first days of school. It was great to see all my friends again in one place and talk about our individual summer experiences. Overall, this was going to be a great year.
  • End of Course Tests and Year Assessment

    Now that my freshman year is coming to a close, there is a lot that I've learned going into my sophomore year. It's extremely important for me to stay focused on all my assignments so I can maintain a decent grade in all my classes. Get involved with extracurricular activities, this would help me for the near future.
  • Emory University Science and Math Camp

    I signed up to attend Emory University's science and math program they offered for high school students looking to have a profession in the medical field. For me, that path is to become a psycholoist. We got to go to Six Flags and looked at the engineering features of the roller coasters and the science behind it. Overall, it was a great experience for me and is great to add to my resume.
  • Summer Basketball Camp

    Today I was able to work out with junior varsity and varsity basketball players as well as players in my own grade. I was very intimidated especially by Derrico Peck and Damola Awe-Olaleye. The drills were excruciatingly painful and tiring, but they do get me better overtime and keep me in shape.
  • Starting of Sophomore Year

    I am now a proud sophomore at Etowah High School. Having the tools I need to be successful for this year, I had the mindset that I was going to be all in my studies. Unfortunately, I did not use the nuggets I had given myself to become successful, and repeated my actions as if I were a freshman.
  • Sophomore Year Assessment

    Well, I have officially excepted that I need to work on the procrastination side of me. If I work on that, I will be able to accomplish all tasks that I face in life and my junior year.
  • UGA Basketball Clinic

    Today I got the privilege of traveling with the Etowah basketball team to go to Athens, Georgia and workout with the Georgia Bulldog basketball program. Behind me visiting Emory University for the science and math camp, this was the second university I attended. I was blown away and had a fantastic time. We got to meet some of the players and the coaching staff; the team also received a shirt for attending the clinic. This was the start of me wanting to play college basketball.
  • The Beginning of Junior Year

    I am a couple weeks into my junior year and it feels great. Not being looked at as an underclassman was a relief but there were heavy tasks that came with it academically. This was the first year I had an honors class. My French class was the class I decided to take and honors course. I had already completed the required two years of foreign language, but I felt it would look good on my transcript to take a honors level course.
  • AAU Basketball - Georgia Kings

    This year I decided to go out for AAU basketball, which is just club basketball. I played for the Georgia Kings 11th grade team and wore number 25. We weren't the best team in the state or the country but we were a pretty decent team. The rival teams played had some Etowah students and basketball players. I made new friends from around Cherokee County and beyond. Playing AAU basketball also opens you to college coaches to get scholarship offers to attend college.
  • Finally, the Senior Year Finishline

    Finally, I am a senior year. I have scheduled to take not one, but two honors classes, economics/government and anatomy/physiology. This was the most rigorous year I have had and I was fortunate to stay on top. If there's anything I have learned its that diligence, confidence, and maturity will allow me to achieve anything my heart desires. I have declared to attend Georgia Southern University to play basketball and study psychology, and I am looking forward to this new chapter in my life.