Ernest Rutherford

  • Rutherford was born

    Rutherford was born
    Ernest Rutherford was born on this date.
  • Rutherford discovers two types of rays.

    Ernest Rutherford discovered rays from radioactive materials, which he named Alpha and Beta. (No exact month or date)
  • Rutherford discovered a radioactive gas.

    Ernest Rutherford discovered a radioactive gas called Radon today. (No exact month and date)
  • Ernest Rutherford announces his progress in radioactivity

    Ernest Rutherford announces that radioactivity is a manifestation of sub-atomic change. (No exact month and date)
  • Rutherford discovered the Nucleus

    Rutherford discovered the Nucleus
    Ernest Rutherford discovered the nucleus in 1911 using the gold foil experiment. (No exact month and date)
  • Rutherford announces a model

    Ernest Rutherford announces the nuclear model of the atom.
  • Rutherford becomes the first alchemist

    Ernest Rutherford changed Nitrogen to Oxygen; he split the atoms. (No exact month and date)
  • Rutherford discovers Protons

    Rutherford discovers Protons
    Ernest Rutherford discovers protons in the year 1918. (No exact month and date)
  • Rutherford died

    Rutherford died
    Ernest Rutherford died at the age of 66.