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  • Jan 1, 1530

    Young Ruler

    Ivan the Terrible takes over his father's legacy at the young age of three years old. He was treated badly throughout his entire childhood.
  • Jan 1, 1543

    Young Czar

    Young Czar
    Ivan crowns himself Czar at the age of 16. Ivan was a ferocious ruler and all feared him. He tortured animals by throwing them off buildings, he tortured and executed people by letting a pack of dogs devour them, etc. All feared him.
  • Nov 8, 1560

    Anastasia's Death

    Anastasia's Death
    Ivan's first wife Anastasia dies, leaving him decestated and meaner than before.
  • Nov 8, 1570

    Killing Spree

    Ivan goes on a killing spree, killing 60,000 people in one year alone.
  • Ivan's Death

    Ivan the Terrible dies, leaving his son Feodor as heir.
  • Peter the Great

    Peter the Great
    LinkPeter the Great began to rule jointly with his half brother in 1682. Peter established the treaty of Nystad and was able to make the city of St. Petersburg.
  • Peter's Death

    Peter's Death
    Peter the Great dies
  • Peter ll

    Peter ll
    Peter the ll takes the throne but is soon overthrown by his wife Catherine.
  • Catherine in Battle

    Catherine in Battle
    Catherine defeated the Ottomans in 1768. In 1773, a large peasant revolt sprung out in hatred of Catherine.
  • Catherines Death

    Catherine the Great dies.