Entertainment 1950's to today

  • Films

    Australian films were being made such as the Glenrowan Affair and Summer of the Seventeenth Dolls. As Australian films were being made, so are Australian actors such as Charles Chauvel in Jedda, first Australian film in colour. In the 1950's, films that have been screened in Australia are American and British, which was pre-empting foriegn cultural influences in Australian society.
  • Radio

    The radio help bring American pop-culture to the shores of Australia. Music such as rock 'n' roll had a heavy impact on the Australian society in its fashion, attitudes and lifestyles. This was the entertainment back in the old days.
  • Television

    Telvisions were introduced to Australians in 1956. Within 3 years, Australia's primary source of entertainment is the television. This was a major impact on Australian lifestyles because they could stay home and entertain themselves.
  • Cinema

    Cinemas were affected by the arrvial of televisions. Families in Australia would rather stay home and watch a movie on the television, then going out for a night at the movies. As there was a decline in audience, they tried to get them back by offering new features such as wide screens, stereo sound and and 3D movies which started to be more common in Australia. Drive in Cinemas started to become popular because in Australia there was a massive increase in car ownership.
  • Satellite Technology

    Satellite Technology
    The Satellite technology has evolved the way in which way Australians view live TV. With the Satellite Technology, there are quite a lot of technologies that can benefit from them such as teleport services, TV broadcasting, Radio broadcasting and more.
  • Computers

    Computers is a machine that extends our thinking, to solve problems and have fun. At least 99% of Australian households have a computer in today's society. Computers have become very big part of people lives in Australia such as work and leisure.
  • VCR's

    VCR's changed home entertainment. VCR's allowed Australians to view a television program later. VCR's were a big hit over in Australia but business was not going so well for the cinemas.
  • Laptops

    Laptops are like computers but they are much more portable and carry more features than what a normal computer has. This has changed Australians lives because it has made it more easier for people to go to work and school with computers. With this portable device you can connect with the net, play games, do work or socialize.
  • Mobile Phones

    Mobile Phones
    Mobile phones are very important to Australians, as it allows them to call people, text, play games, connecting to the internet and it can fit in your pocket. It has changed Australians because now you can have a device with a click of a button will have the world in your hands.
  • The Internet

    The Internet
    You experience this forms of entertainment on your computer. The internet allows Australians shop, listen to music and watch movies without having to leave home. It even allows you to keep close contact with your friends ie. Facebook. Within a couple clicks of the mouse you can shop online and contact the outside world.
  • DVD's

    DVD's is portable, cheap and popular. It had better picture and sound than video tapes. DVD's have many benefits such as training, storage and catalogs.
  • iPods

    iPods are beneficial to Australians because as life is on the go, you have a device that contains a thousands of songs that is light and compact. iPods was a big hit with everyone all over the world.
  • Facebook

    Facebook is a social networking site, which allows you to connect with friends locally or globally. Australia have been one of the nations that have been hit with the facebook disease as it spreads around the nation. This changed the way people spent the leisure times, instead of outside, they would rather be inside talking to there friends.
  • Gaming Consoles

    Gaming Consoles
    Gaming Consoles was changing the way people spent their liesure time outside. It all started with Nintendo and then to PS3. The features are now more advanced such as better quality graphics, music, online gaming, being able to play blu-ray DVD's and much more.
  • 3D Televisions

    3D Televisions
    3 Dimensional Televisions are meant to the picture quality of the television more realistic like your part of the action. This is a big step in Australian Society as it goes from 2D to 3D picture quality. You need the glasses so that you can be a part of this action.