Enrico’s Life

  • Born

    When I was born, I was in America, Virginia Beach. I stayed there for 0-2 years. But in the evening I was going back to mItaly for couple of months and coming back a to America.
    There in Virginia, I was calling myself Pico, because I couldn’t speak very good, and so I was calling myself Pico, even my parents, consents, aunty and friends call me Pico.
    The picture below is talk about me and my father, many people say that me and my dad are very similar, but I think I look like my mom.
  • Kindergarten

    When I was back in Italy, I was not at my home, closer to my home, it was a city called Pordenone, I did the Kindergarten there, I don’t have a picture of it, but the picture below is me when I was 2 years old I was eating a big plate of spaghetti al pomodoro, and I liked it so much that I was eating everything in only one mouthful.
    When I was back in Italy, I was speaking only English, but then I started to speak Italian and then I lost all my English language.
  • Asylum In Pune

    Asylum In Pune
    When I was 4-5 years old, so it was 2015-2016, I was in Pune, India. There I did my first day of asylum, and the name of the asylum school it was "Indus" (is in even in Bangalore). In that asylum I found my ex-bestfriend, because now I don't hear him anymore from many years, and he was russian and we had so fun together.
    The reason that I was in Pune, it was for my father's job.
  • Asylum In Italy

    Asylum In Italy
    When I was 5 years old, I was in my last year of asylum, that was in Italy, in my home. In my asylum, most of my friends, was from Italy (obviously) BUT, my best-friend there was from Romania, and we had allot of fun together, even with others friends, even the teachers was very good, in particular one, Maestra Bianca, I have her contact even now, she was one of the best teacher that I never meet, she always help me in every moment that I needed help, even with my friends.
  • 1st Grade

    1st Grade
    When I was 6 years old, that is 2017, I start my 1st grade on elementary school, there I met Giulio, my best-friend NOW, but in that time we were not so friends for some reasons... the teachers were very funny and helpful, in my class there was even my best-friend from the Romania. In this year I start my swimming classes, and now I finished. Even in that year, I stared my piano classes, it was a different way to learn, but the teacher, that she is from Russia, was very a good teacher.
  • Horse Camp

    Horse Camp
    When it was 2019 it was year that it comes the virus Covid-19, BUT before that it was summer in Italy, and I was doing camp-time, and I did horse rise camp, it was so funny, I learn how to ride a horse, in that time I had so much passion for the smartwatch, and when I bring it in the camp, I broke by the sand and my dad did not get it very good. In that time I was doing still my piano classes and in that time I already finish my swimming classes, and I started with basketball for my height.
  • 3rd Grade

    3rd Grade
    When it was 2020, I was 9 years old and I was doing the third grade and I was in the same school. In 2020 I stared to skying and it was so funny, from 2020, I sky every year with my father and doing class for sky (now I finish it) in group. In that time there was the Coronavirus, and I stayed home when I start the school after the wither break, so I was calling every day, in everytime that I was free, my friends and parents.
  • 5th Grade

    5th Grade
    It was 2022, the last year of elementary school, I was 11 years old. In the picture behind it shows the last day of elementary, like you can see everybody was so anxious for leave all the teachers and leaving each others. 2022 it was the year that I went to Bangalore, India from my father's job. 2022 I even finished my piano classes in Italy for the reason that I moved but I continued to do it in India. Before I moved to India, I celebrated my birthday with everyone for say the last goodbye.