Enlightenment Timeline

  • Montesquieu and the Spirt of Laws

    In 1748 Baron de Montesquieu wrote a book called the Spirit of Laws. He said that we should seperate the powers of government which would eventually turn in to checks and balances.
  • America Declares Independence

    In 1776 the Second Continental Congress used Enlightenment ideas and made the Declaration of Independence. Which was mainly based on John Locke and his ideas.
  • French Revolution

    The causes of the Revolution were the the anger of the lower classes against the privileged estates, the enlightenment ideas, economic troubles, Louis the sixteenth being a week leader, and the National Assembly gathering. They ended absolute monarchy and started a representative government. During the Nation Assembly gathering the Privileged Estate locked them out of their meeting rooms, which made the third estate gather around and stormed the bastille.
  • Napoleon Overthrows the Directory Through a Coup D'Etat

    Since the Directory lost control of the political situation, Napoleon took action, after coming back from Egypt and took over.
  • Napoleon Crowns himself Emperor

    Napoleon decided he wanted to be emperor. When he was being crowned as a ruler he took the crown from the pope and placed it on his own head representing he was more powerful than the church.
  • Haiti Wins Freedom from France

    Jean-Jacques Dessalines decided to declare Haiti an independent country against the French, it was also the first black colony to take control.
  • Padre Hidalgo calls for Mexican Independence

    Miguel Hidalgo was a priest in a small village. One day he decided to ring the bell of the town and call everyone to come near. He called for them to start a rebellion against the Spanish.
  • Napoleon is defeated at the Battle of Waterloo

    Napoleon had a battle against the British and the Prussians. His plan was to split the British in half and then wait for the Prussians to come so they would all get mixed up and then attack the Prussians. This plan did not work because he waited to long since the ground was still wet and he waited for the sun to come out to dry up the ground so they could fight and not slip.