English timeline

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In History
  • Calcutta, India

    Queen Elizabeth I started the East Indian Company to develop a trade between India and England. The british ruled over Calcutta and English became the main language for trading.
  • The Carribean

    The slave trade called "The triangle trade" has started and slaves were shipped off here and ships were later loaded up with tobacco, sugar and cotton. A new type of English called "Creole" was also started here and was thought to be a simplified form of English after sailors and slaves spoke in the ships that were going to the Carribean.
  • Port Jackson, Australia

    The First Fleet (a fleet which consisted of 11 ships) arrived in Port Jackson, Australia with English people whom were not free (aka criminals). The not-so-free people didn't know how to farm which led to a food problem aka a famine. Before being transported, the criminals used slangs for stuff such as:
    Swag (term for stolen goods taken in a robbery)
    Billy (term for pot of boiling water)
    The settlers lost their british accents and there are now different accents across australia.