English Timeline

By eo17766
  • Waking up in the morning.

    Waking up in the morning.
    When I wake up in the morning usually I don't have time to eat because I have to wake up my little sister and brother to have them get ready for school.
  • Getting on the bus.

    Getting on the bus.
    When getting on the bus I usually sit in the front of the bus so I can get off faster. On the bus it is very quiet. The reason no one really talks is beacause they are very sleepy.
  • Algebra 2

    Algebra 2
    During algebra 2 the class is very small so we are all cramped into the classroom. The people in my class are very talkative so its hard to focus.
  • Athletic P.E.

    Athletic P.E.
    Athletic P.E. classes have to get to the field house before the announcements end, unlike other gym classes. In class there are many people who are competitive and who put a lot of effort in, unlike other gym classes. There is one girl that I talk to and if she isn't there I dont talk to anyone.
  • Lunch

    During lunch there are not that many people, unlike some other periods. When I sit down to eat with my friends I am usually quiet. No one really says anything compared to other people who probably talk a lot.
  • Spanish

    During spanish most people do not participate much. Maybe this is because my teacher always turns off some of the lights when she teaches. I have two friends in the class that I always talk to. If they are not there them I don't speak unless I have to.
  • When I get home from school

    When I get home from school
    When I get home from school I usually go eat and then I stay in my room. I don´t like to go downstairs because my dad. I don't get along with him so I don't spend time with him.
  • When I eat

    When I eat
    Unlike other families who all eat together at one time, my family doesn't do that. My mom usually is at work so each of us eat at our own times.
  • When I goto my boyfriends'house

    When I goto my boyfriends'house
    When I goto my boyfriends house I am the most talkative. I am also the happiest when I'm with him. If I didn't have time with him I'm sure that I would be miserable.
  • When I goto sleep

    When I goto sleep
    When I goto sleep I usually don't goto sleep at the same time every night. I also can't walk around my room past 11 because I will make my dad wake up. Then when I get tired I goto sleep.