La reina isabel ii de inglaterra frente al palacio de buckingham londres

England Qeen

  • Birthday

    Her parents are cecilia and claude. They are the monarchs of
    British Empire in the moment of her born.
  • Princess Margaret

    Princess Margaret
    She is the sister of the queen and She die in 2002
  • Period: to

    word war 2

    In this time Elizabeth have 29 years old and she works on the right of the soldiers to defend England.
  • Marriage

    She married with Felipe of Endimburgo on 1947-2021.
  • Carlos de Gales

    Carlos de Gales
    He is the oldest son of Elizabeth II. He is 73 years old.
  • Her father´s died day

    Her father´s died day
    Her father died when he was 56 years old.
  • Coronation

    The coronation of Queen Elizabeth II as Monarch of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Pakistan, and Ceylon.
  • Andrés de York

    Andrés de York
    He is the second son of Elizabeth II. He´s 61 years old.
  • Edward Anthony Richard Louis

    Edward Anthony Richard Louis
    He´s the fourth son of Elizabeth II, The Queen of England and the British empire.
  • Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee

    Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee
    Queen Elizabeth celebrated 25 years of reign.
  • Peter Phillips

    Peter Phillips
    He is the third grandson of the queen.
  • Zara Tindall

    Zara Tindall
    She is the third grandaughter of Elizabeth II.
  • Guillermo de Cambridge

    Guillermo de Cambridge
    He is the second grandson of Elizabeth II.
  • Enrique de Sussex

    Enrique de Sussex
    He is the frist grandson of Isabel II.
  • Beatriz of York

    Beatriz of York
    She is the frist grandaughter of the queen Elizabeth II.
  • Eugenia of York

    Eugenia of York
    she is the second grandaughter of Elizabeth II.
  • Her mother´s died day

    Her mother´s died day
    Her mother died at 101 years old.
  • Luisa Mountbatten-Windsor

    Luisa Mountbatten-Windsor
    She is the four grandaughter of the queen.
  • Jacobo Mountbatten-Windsor

    Jacobo Mountbatten-Windsor
    He is the four grandson of the queen.
  • Abdication

    In this moment She doesnt abdicated and the experts ensute "she doesnt do it never"
  • Her dead

    Her dead
    She doesnt dead but in this moment there are many plans for she after dead.