Emma's life

By knoppr
  • Born

    At 9:30 P.M. at Saint Mary Medical Center, I was delivered surgically. My parents were David Clifford Philbrook and Cynthia Mae (Rickel) Philbrook. I am the oldest child.
  • Period: to

    Life (so far)

  • Little Brother Born

    Little Brother Born
    Christopher Robert Philbrook was born in Saint Mary Medical Center. He was also delivered surgically. Unlike me he was born with his current hair color, brown. (I was born bald)
  • I Enter Preschool

    At just under four years I am the youngest student.
  • Parents Divorce

    Parents Divorce
    I didn't understand what was going on, but it didn't make much difference because Dad was gone a lot anyway. We sold the big red house we lived in, which had included such luxury as an indoor hot tub, wall-to-wall 1-pane windows, a fireplace, and a gigantic balcony, not to mention the best sledding hill in anyone's yard, and moved to a simpler house across the street.
  • I Enter Kindergarden

    I Enter Kindergarden
    Strangely enough, I knew how to read before I entered. I remember knowing what some words on the whiteboard said on the first day.
  • Dad re-marries

    I wasn't exactly enthusiastic (they had their wedding in Hawai'i and we wern't invited) but I have a lot in common with my stepmother.
  • I Win My First Essay Contest

    I Win My First Essay Contest
    I won this award under the guidance of my teacher, Sandy McCaw. She will never be replaced as my most infleuential teacher.
  • Appendectomy

    It was a very creepy experiance, to say the least. But I got to stay up all night watching TV! (P.S. Hospital Jell-o isn't all that bad. Try the Strawberry, if you can talk the nurse into it.)
  • I Catch the Swine Flu

    I Catch the Swine Flu
    If you can help it, don't catch this thing! I had throbbing headaches and I was too dizzy to read or watch TV! It lasts a long time and comes on suddenly. I wasn't the only one in my family to catch it: my older cousin (middle of the photograph) had a fever that nearly got her hospitalized, and ached all over for the entire duration. My little brother (far left) spouted vomit like a fire hydrant and was constantly plagued by fiery stomachaches.
  • I Win Another Essay Contest

    This time, I won it at the National teir. There was a news camara, two newspapermen, and all the classes up through eigth. Just to give me the award!