Elizabeth Santos Week 03 Timeline

  • Birth

    I was born at St. Elizabeth's hospital in Brooklyn, New York
  • Elementary school years

    I attended P.S. 185 Elementary School in Brooklyn, N.Y.
  • Sixth Grade Graduation

    I graduated elementary school. With barely passing grades due to my chronic asthma I was absent most of the time. But I did it!
  • Dyker Hieghts J.H.S.

    My first year in J.H.S. 7th grade. I did very well in my grades. I was an A or B student.
  • J.H.S. Graduation

    I graduated from the 9th Grade. Excited to be out and nervous because soon I would enter H.S. All my subjects were given in English. Never took any other language class.
  • High School

    For Hamilton High School. My freshman year was extremely short. Do to personal reasons I had to leave school. Did not have the privilege of graduating from H.S.
  • My First Challenge

    At the age of 33 I decided to take my GED exam. Thank God I passed it and obtained my high school diploma.
  • Welcome To Puerto Rico

    In New York my youngest son had problems with his health. He was always with chronic asthma and his lungs wouldn't completely clear. I decided to move to Comerio, Puerto Rico. Once my son began having problems with his English teacher I decided to start my biggest challenge.
  • My Biggest Challenge

    I decided to go back to school and set new goals. I wanted to become an English teacher so I can help tomorrow’s future, our children.

    I accomplished by biggest challenge, my Bachelors degree. It wasn’t easy, for the first time I had to pick up a Spanish book. All those classes I took in Spanish were draining. I always spoke, read, and wrote in Spanish but the Spanish that my parents taught me at home. It was extremely difficult but not impossible. I am extremely proud of myself.
  • Certification in Bilingualism

    I have started the classes to become certify in bilingualism. It is a new challenge because working full time as a teacher and having alot of responsibilities does not give me enough time to get everything done. But with prayers and dedications I'll accomplish this new goal.