Elizabeth Kenny Personal Life

By stmjw
  • Elizabth Kenny Was Born

    elizabeth was born at kellys gully, a halmet a few kilometers west of warialda, new south wales (NSW), Australia .
  • Elizabeth broke her wrist

    At the age of 14 elizabeth broke her wrist from falling off her horse.
  • Elizabeth returned to Guyra

    Elizabeth returned to Guyra to live with a cousin. While there, she may have received some basic nursing training from a local midwife, and the local physician. She also brokered agriculturul sales between Guyra farmers and markets to the north in brisbane.
  • Elizabeth got sent over to america

    The goverment of New Souths Wales sent Kenny and her adopted daughter Mary (who had become an expert in Kenny's method,
  • Elizabeth Filled Her Final Years

    She filled he rinal years with journeys in America , to Europe and to Australia in an effort to gain further acceptance of her method. She returned home to Toowoomba.
  • Elizabeth died

    Elizabeth kenny died of parkinsons diease on the 30th of november 1952.