Elizabeth II of England

Timeline created by vtovar49
  • The princess Elizabeth

    In 1935. Princess Elizabeth and her sister Margaret was living in London. Their grandfather was the King of the United KIngdom.
  • The first official outing.

    It was his first official outing (Elizabeth and Margaret) with her grandfather. His carriage was in front.
  • Gorge V dies.

    The grandfather of Elizabeth (Gorge V) died. Edwards (the brother of Gorge VI) abdicated. The father of Elizabeth and Margarite it was to became teh new king.
  • Period: to

    The sisters was at Buckingham Palace

    Elizabeth and her family was living at the Backingham Place
  • The coronation of Elizabeth's father

    Elizabeths and Margaret's father was coned KIng of the United Kindom.
  • Royal Naval

    Elizabeth visits the Royal Naval College.
  • Declare of war

    In September of 1939, Britain and France declared war on Germany.
  • An speaking

    The princess Elizabeth was doing an a speaking to give hope.
  • Christmas

    The princess Elizabethy was bring joy in the difficult times.
  • Elizabeth and the army.

    Elizabeth joined as a mechanic in the army to help his county.
  • The end of the war.

    Elizabeth celebrated the end of the WW2
  • The weeding of Elizabeth

    Two years later of the end of WW2, Elizabeth married with the prince Philips.
  • The first child of Elizabeth

    The first child of Elizabeth and Philip was born in the Buckingham palace.
  • The death of the king

    Meanwhile Elizabeth was in Kenya, her father dies.
  • Prime Minister and Elizabeth.

    The Prime Minister and Elizabeth regrate the death of the king.
  • The coronation

    Elizabeth its coronated the queen of england.
  • Period: to

    Elizabeth's children

    Elizabeth and Philip was have it four childrne