El chupacabra

  • The Robber was Robbed- Texas

    A rancher near San Antonio, Texas, killed a hairless dog-like creature, which was attacking his livestock.
  • Phone Interview

    Phone interview with John Adolfi, founder of the Lost World museum, that the "critter was caught on a Tuesday and thrown out on Thursday's trash.
  • A Sighting- Phillipines

    A sighting of the el chupacabra was reported at the province of Capiz in the Phillipines.
  • A Filming- Texas

    Brandon Riedel filmed an unidentifiable animal along back roads near Cuero, Texas on his dashboard camera.
  • To the Museum

    Taxidermist Jerry Ayer sold the Blonco Texas Chupacabra to Lost World museum.
  • False Alarm

    An animal was killed and was reported to be an el chupacabra, but found to be a coyote.

    Jack Crabtree, of Lake Jackson, Texas, reported seeing a chupacabra in his back yard.
  • A Capturing- Texas

    Local authorities captured what crabtree saw.