Edward Teller

Timeline created by TsarFOAB
  • Birth

    Edward Teller born in Budapest, Hungary, to Max and Ilona Teller.
  • Moves to Germany

    Edward Teller moves to Germany to attend the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.
    Date not known
  • Leaves Germany

    Teller leaves Germany when Hitler rises to power. Goes to England, then to Coopenhagen, where he marries his wife.
    Date unknown
  • Invited To Work On Manhatttan Project

    Teller is invited to work with other scientists in developing a nuclear weapon.
    Date Unknown
  • Soviet Bomb Detonation

    The USSR tests the device knon to America as Joe-1. This greatly aids Teller's plans for a fusion bomb.
  • Oppenheimer Hearing

    Teller becomes controversial whe he testifies against J. Robert Oppenheimer at a security clearance hearing.
  • Death

    Edward Teller Dies in Stanford, California at the age of 95 shortly following a stroke