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  • Happy Birthday

    I was born to a hairdresser and a draftsmen who both, despite neither having a college degree, respected and revered the power of an education and vowed to raise me to do the same.
  • Period: to

    Lifetime of Inspiration

  • A-E, I O U some sugar.

    My father sat with me daily and taught me that stringing together vowels and consonants in different ways would create words - magic!
  • Cedar Grade School - Mrs. Lindenberger

    First day of kindergarden at the same school my mother and grandmother attended - little did I know that I'd still be having a first day of school nearly 40 years later!
  • Mrs. Harold - 5th Grade

    As she handed my writing portfolio to me on the last day of school she encouraged me to keep it and continue to add to it. "You have a gift," she told me. I had loved writing, but to be validated by a teacher was huge!
  • 7th Grade English

    This was the year of classic literature and memorable projects - Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre, the Walt Whitman paper, and the unforgettable Hobbit puppets, which I reconfigured for a project in an education class in 1993! They have since fallen apart.
  • 11th Grade English

    Mrs. Cobb was the Nike of writing! Sweating while composing under time constraints was the norm. Her biggest criticism of my writing - too much time spent planning - just do it! I credit (blame?) her for my ability (habit?) to put off a huge paper until the last minute and produce coherent stuff - maybe that's why I majored in Journalism at UNC.
  • 12th Grade English

    Ironically, I disliked this teacher more than any other, yet I credit her for the way I teach my subject - hopefully better than she did, or at least with a better attitude. She was the only teacher in 12 years of school to tell me I couldn't write and didn't understand a thing about poetry or literature. Wonder how I aced her class???
  • Pomp and Circumstance

    Upon graduating from high school, I realize I have at least 30 people to thank for getting me here - my teachers. Although I can't remember all their names now, I can easily identify at least one significant lesson I learned (sometimes subconsciously) from each of them.
  • Revelation!

    While on my honeymoon in the Bahamas, I realized that I hated my retail job and decided to get a job as a teaching assistant and get certified to teach.
  • Welcome (back) to kindergarden!

    And that's just what I did, meeting an amazing teacher with whom I worked for 2 years.
  • Mouse Paint

    Picture 25 inner city kindergardeners barefoot, pants rolled up, squealing with delight as we dipped their feet first in one primary color, then another to make a secondary color footprint on newsprint. Today I learned that learning is messy and loud and imperfect - but lots of fun.
  • The grass isn't always greener...

    I began working with kindergarden teacher extraordinnairre - Kim - with whom I am still friends today. She taught me a lot, but most important were these things: be willing to borrow and share, and always remember that no matter how bad things seem at your school, know they could be worse. Wise words that have gotten me through a lot.
  • Starfish

    The keynote speaker at the division kickoff meeting told a story about a little girl who saw thousands of beached starfish as she walked on the beach with her grandmother. She tosses them one by one back into the ocean. Her grandmother says, there are too many - you can't possibly make a difference. With the next starfish she tosses, the little girl says, made a difference to that one. I keep a starfish picture in view in my classroom and try hard to remember why I became a teacher.
  • Here's your schedule, Mrs. C

    My first real class! So this is what terror feels like...
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    I'm not done yet

    During my entire teaching career there have been countless moments - with students, colleagues, parents, and myself - that keep me motivated and inspired enough to keep coming back each fall.
  • It's an honor to be nominated!

    I was one of a small group to be invited to apply for a series of e-courses with the potential to revolutionize my teaching.
  • I'd like to accept this award...

    I'm chosen as one of a few select teachers to better myself for the benefit of my students with eteacher courses.
  • Teacher Leader?

    What is this Teacher Leader of which you speak?