Dylan Middle East Timeline

  • Jewish Claims Palestine

    Britain in 1923 recieved the League of Nations mandate over Palestine.
  • Jews migrated

    By 1938 over 500,000 Jews had migrated to Palestine.
  • Britain Limits

    In 1939, just before the outbreak of World War 2, Britain severly limited Jewish immagration to Palestine.
  • Arab league

    The Arab seeks to unify Arab policy on world issues
  • Palestine and The UN

    In 1947 Britain turned the Palestine problem over to the UN general assembly.
  • Independence

    In 1948 Israel proclaimed its indepedence.
  • Israeli War for Indepedence

    The Arab nations defied the UN decision for a Jewish state and attacked Israel.
  • continued Arab Hostility

    The Arab League enforced an economic boycott against Israel and against Western companies doing business with Israel.
  • Sinai Campaign

    Israel invaded Eygpt to wipeout guerrilla bases and end the Aqaba Blockade.
  • OPEC

    OPEC group s six non-arab and seven Arab states but is dominated by Arabnations like Saudi Arabia.
  • Eygpt under Sadat

    In 1970 Nasser died and his position was assumed by Anwar al-Sadat. This Eygptian president directed his nations foriegn policy away from dependence on the Soviet Union.
  • Eygpt under Sadat

    In 1972 Sadat ordered the 20,000 Soviet military personnel to leave Egypt.
  • arab oil embargo

    With the 1973 Arab-Israeli war the Arab states acted to further their economic goal and to use as a political weapon.
  • Arab support for the PLO.

    in 1974, the arb nations, meeting at Rabat, Morocco unamiously declared the PLO to be the sole legitimate representative of the palestine people.
  • llebanon Civil War

    Lebanon's deeply fragmented society fell into turmoil when cilvil war broke out in 1975
  • Syrian Intervention

    Syria sent 15,00 troops into lebanon in 1976 under an Arab league mandate to enforce a cease-fire. In 1981 and caused massive destruction in the years that followed.
  • The sadat visit to ISrael

  • The Israeli Eygptian Peace Treaty

    The treaty reaffirmed the Camp David agreement on the Sinai
  • The Syrian Soviet Treaty

    President Hafez al Assad of syria signed a 20 year treatyof friendship
  • Assassination of Eygptian President Sadat

    Anwar al-Sadat was assassinated by four eygptians.
  • Splits in the PLO

    In 1982 Israel invaded Lebenon and forced most PLO guerillas to leave.
  • Suicide bombings

    Suicide bombers drove trucks into United States and French military compounds in 1983,, blowing up the trucks and killing 241 Marines and 58 French soldiers.
  • Splts in thePLO

    Syria helped drive out the rest in 1983.
  • Suicide Bombings

    In 1984 President regan withdrew United States forces.
  • Israeli Withdrawal

    Israel withdrew most of its forces in 1985, keeping a small "security zone" in southern Lebabnon.
  • Palestine as an independant state

    In November 1988, Afarat and the Palestine National council met inAlgiers to proclaim the formation of an independent "state of Palestine".
  • New constitution

    The term of president Amin Gemayel expired in 1988 without agreement on a successor.
  • New constitution

    In 1989 they approved a new constitution designed to increase the power of Lebanon's Muslim mojority and end the civil war.
  • Shaky Peace

    Syrian troops assaulted the president palace in 1990 to remove a Christian general Michel Aoun
  • Break throughs toward peace

    Two sides opened formal diplomatic talks