Dustin's timeline

  • Birth!

    On this day i was born in the methodist hospital in Indianapolis.
  • Started school

    I started my first day of kindergarden at central elementary in Lebanon, Indiana.
  • Diagnosed with cancer

    I honestly don't know the exact date i was diagnosed with leukemia but i know it was in the first grade.
  • Disney World

    I went to disney world for the first time and had a blast.
  • First day of soccer

    I started soccer on this day in the 4th grade.
  • Started remission.

    On this day i officially beat cancer and was put on remission. Now i only have to go to the doctor once a year for blood tests.
  • Started Middle School

    My first day of middle school.
  • First day of high school

    This was my birst day of my freshman year.
  • First varsity soccer game

    I played my first varisity soccer game in our invitational tournament. It was against rossville and we won 4-0.
  • Graduation!

    The day i graduate high school and start my life after high school.