Drew Brees Timeline

  • Heard first hero story of the project

    We watched a vido about a man who saved someone from killing himself in a subway. I started to think about what it means to be a hero
  • Period: to

    My Hero Project

    Drew Brees!
  • Began thinking about who to do my project on

    After reading part of John McCain's book, I thought about how having courage relates to being a hero. I began to think of some ideas for who to do my project on.
  • Thought further on doing my project on Drew Brees

    Thought further on doing my project on Drew Brees
    I talked to my parents to see what they thought about doing my project on Drew Brees. My mom and dad both thought it was great idea, especially because we understand his heroism on a personal level and the impact he's had on the city of New Orlean's post-Hurricane Katrina.
  • Got Drew's autobiography!

    Got Drew's autobiography!
    I also got Drews' autobiography and began reading it!
  • Saw Interview

    I saw the example interview provided by Mrs. Simmons and begain thinking about who I'd like to interview.
  • Period: to

    Read Drew Brees' autobiography

    This is when I read his autobiography
  • Made "How I Chose My Subject" video

    I made the "How I Chose My Subject" video.
  • Watched an interview with Drew Brees.

    Watched an interview with Drew Brees.
    I watched Drew and his wife, Brittany Brees on the Ellen show.
  • Wrote Heroes in Literature Paper

    I wrote my heroes in literature paper
  • Talked to friend about interviewing Danny Wuerffel

    My friend knows Danny Wuerffel, a former Saints quarterback, so I asked her if I could interview him and she said she'd talk to him about it.
  • Finished Timetoast