Disruption 1

Disruption Timeline

By kbuker
  • Me Too Movement

    Me Too Movement
    Women stand in solidarity against sexual assault and harassment, Started on Twitter by Alyssa Milano. Nonviolent protests.
  • Gun Violence Protests

    Gun Violence Protests
    Mass shootings prompted a national school walkout. Coordinated on Twitter. #MSDstrong
  • Covid-19

    masks, vaccines, quarantine, shut down, pay outs, etc.....Instagram and Twitter fed the news and fake news to scare people into thinking they were being deceived by the government.
  • Capital Hill Riot

    Capital Hill Riot
    When America turned on itself.
    Instagram and Facebook were used to coordinate the protest (attack). Fear and distrust being the main motivators. Trump was banned from Twitter.
  • Roe V Wade Overturned

    Roe V Wade Overturned
    Where is RBG when you need her?
    Women used Tiktok to coordinate a buying strike; not sure if it has been effective. People used Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to share abortion stories and abortion survival stories.