Developmental psychology

Timeline created by chris schrandt
  • First Steps

    Psychosocial, Autonomy v.s. Doubt and Shame
    Being Encouraged by my parents lead me to stand up and take my first steps. this gave me a sense of independance and fredom from my parents. This also gave stopped me from having self doubt and a dependace on my parents.
  • First day of kindergarden

  • First Job

    Psychosocial, Indentity v.s. Role
    This first job prosuit lead me to answer the qusion, "Who am I". Having my first Job lead me to deside that i truely liked being a mechanic, specificaly in the diesel feild. This has lead me to decide what school I want to go to and what classes I need to take to make me more successful.
  • Girlfriend

    Psychosocial, Intimacy v.s. Isolation
    Over the last year I have found a true friend who I never want to leave my side.She is the only one I trust and I hope to be with her forever. She makes me into the person I am today.
  • graduate high school

  • Graduate College with a degree in diesel mechanics

  • Become Full time diesel mechanic

  • Move out

  • marriage

    Psychosocial, Generativity v.s. Self Absorption
    This will give me the sense of marriage. This will also prevent me from being self-ansorbed. This will hopfully lead to kids a little futher down the road
  • Conclusion

    A) The time line tells me that I am Following Eric Eriksons psychosocial development process. This time line also told me that I have a good plan for my future and to stay with Eric Eriksons study
    B)If I would have never been given the oppertunity to get my first license I would not have the job I have had for the past year.This will change my plan for the future drastically and lead me into role confusion as stated by Eric Erikson.