Developmental Psych Project

By kathy02
  • Hereditary

    Chapter two talks all about conception, chromosomes etc. Although I did inherit a lot of my moms facial expressions and she basically copy pasted me as her, I did inherit the "hairiness" from my dad and his side of the family.
  • I was born

  • Labor

    Chapter two labor and delivery, I had my mom sent to the hospital at 2 in the morning and wasn't born till 3:05 pm. I was a stubborn baby that didn't want to come out.
  • Walking

    Chapter 3: I started to walk at 11 months
  • First time holding bottle

    First time holding bottle
    Chapter 3: The very first time I hold my bottle was at 6 months
  • Talking

    Chapter 4: I started to talk at one year and a half around that time
  • Started kindergarten

  • Was seen as "daddys little girl"

    Was seen as "daddys little girl"
    Chapter One Nature vs Nurture: After starting kindergarten was when I was really seen as "daddys little girl" and up until I was 11 we did basically everything together from sports to him watching me at my dance performances, as well as him getting me everything I wanted.
  • My first best friend

    My first best friend
    Chapter 11: I met my best friend who is till my best friend till this day in first grade
  • Graduated elementary school

  • dad moved to mexico

  • Attachment

    Chapter 5: I learned I was really emotionally attached to my father when he left to Mexico, leaving me devastated.
  • Changes in body

    Chapter eight puberty changes: This is such a big topic that I had little to no knowledge about it because it was something never talked about.
  • First nephew was born

    First nephew was born
  • Relationship with father went downhill

    Chapter seven family relationships: After father left our relationship went downhill causing me to not be "daddy's girl" anymore
  • Becoming a "young lady"

    Becoming a "young lady"
    Chapter 10 rites of passage: When I turned 15 even though I didn't get the big party with the big dress I still had a party and a church service that indicated that I was turning into a young lady.
  • Started to work at Beyond the Bell

    Started to work at Beyond the Bell
    Chapter Nine phase of career development: I started this phase at the age of 17 starting to work at beyond the bell with kids.
  • Relationship

    Chapter 11: Met my now boyfriend this year.
  • Closer relationship with my mom

    Closer relationship with my mom
    Chapter seven talks about family relationships: I was never close to my mother up until a couple years after my father left and came back. Our relationship grew and still has its good and bad days but is better than before
  • Graduated HS

  • Grandma passed away

    Grandma passed away
  • Working

    Chapter 12: I started to work at Marshalls, where I encounter all sorts of people and where after working almost 40hrs a week I need some days off to relax
  • Quit Beyond the Bell

    Chapter Six emotional intelligence: I developed this while working with kids, seeing how their different emotions develop depending on different situations. I also learned how to start monitoring my emotions in result of me ending up quitting after the school year was over.