development in digital technology

By hadi911
  • Bait tutorial

    prior to this, i had no previous knowledge of how to use final cut pro. i learned pretty much the basics such as putting the clips in order, how to cut clips and how to import.
  • prelim

    for this task i used a camera for the first time, i did not have much knowledge on particular techniques such as the positioning of it and certain shot types. i also used final cut pro to edit it and i seemed to get better at doing so using what i previously learned.
  • Swede

    For this task, i used a real media products 'Think Like A Man'. I had to do some internet research to get an idea of how to film it. i watched clips from youtube repeatedly in order to copy it
  • breakfast club

    this task was directly relavent to my actual coursework task of making a teen film opening. To plan for this, i used a digital story board so i could get step by step shots to make in order to look structured.

    This was the final product we has to produce for the AS year. we had to gather everything we learned and create a teen film opening. Final cur pro in particular, was important for me as i did a lot of the editing. i applied speed manipulation in a few shots to give the impression that the film is quite fast in pace.
  • AS Blog

    This was the platform for all my planning and research. i used a whole range of websites that the internet had to offer. i used prezi to represent my ideas and my plan for the as teen film opening
  • lip sync

    we used a video camera, trying to follow conventions such as close ups, tracking shots etc.
  • Photoshop

    for this, i learned how to use photoshop, croppng images and placing text on them.
  • music video

    i spent a lot of time on final cut pro to edit my music video. by this point, my skills had developed. for example my use of speed manipulation was used more appropriately.
  • Ancillary

    using what i learned in the practice task and what i learned from youtube, i used a range of techniques in order to make my ancillary work look realisitc by following the conventions. for example, i followed the conventions of using texts and large image of artist.
  • A2 Blog

    My a2 blog was a lot more detailed than the as blog. i finished with double the amount i has last year. this i due to knowing what to do and developing my understanding of convention.