Denisse Timeline

  • Hello Guzman Family

    Hello Guzman Family
    The most amazing day of my parents Life, Was when i was Born
  • Every Child an Artist

    Every Child an Artist
    In my 8th grade year, i would like to be in advanced art, because i really like to draw & paint in my spare time, which inspires me to be in advanced art
  • Believe & you'll achieve

    Believe & you'll achieve
    I would want to achieve these three goals, in 8th grade, while im at praire. Being in poms dance team, being in honors society & finally, being in one of the schools play.
  • Bye Hawks, Hello Astros

    Bye Hawks, Hello Astros
    The High School i will be going to when i graduate 8th grade, would be Shepard High School.
  • Show Us What You Got?

    Show Us What You Got?
    I Love to be on Shepards dance team, for my freshman year & possibly for the years after
  • She shoots, She Scores !

    She shoots, She Scores !
    In my second year at Shepard i would like to be on the girl's soccer team, to show my soccer skills
  • Smart Cookie

    Smart Cookie
    When im at Shepard, one of my goals, i would want to achieve is being in honors
  • A Chef In The Kitchen

    A Chef In The Kitchen
    A class I would be intersted in at Shepard would be cooking class, because im intesrted in the things they will teach us & i would like to learn new things to cook & bake.
  • I Disagree

    I Disagree
    Something I would be intersted in, would be debate club, because i always wanted to find out how they choose what to debate on & how they debate on it.
  • Class Of 2017

    Class Of 2017
    if I want to acieve my goal, i would have to graduate High-School & have to study to be a teacher
  • Mommy's girl

    Mommy's girl
    When i go to college or graduate, or just any experience i would my mom to be there & see me achieve because she's been there for me & she's the one who helped me achieve
  • Three Ts Tacos, Tortas, Tamales

    Three Ts Tacos, Tortas, Tamales
    One goal i would be determine to achieve before i die, is to go visit my family in Mexico on Christmas & spend the holiday with them
  • I do!

    I do!
    I would love to settle down & be married when i turn 26 & live on my own with my future Husband
  • Mrs. Guzman

    Mrs. Guzman
    I would like to start my Job as being a teacher who helps kids in special needs & just settle at a school & continue that job.
  • There twins !

    There twins !
    I would love love to have twins, a boy & a girl and start a Family before im 30.
  • Growing up so Fast

    Growing up so Fast
    When my Kids are all grown up, i will like to live in Michigan with my family & be settled down in a big house.