Days of School

  • Meet the Teacher

    Meet the Teacher
    I met all the teachers in LC3!!
  • 1st Day of School

    1st Day of School
    1st day at Mitchell!!
  • My birthday

    My birthday
    My birthday, I turned 11
  • My Birthday Party

    My Birthday Party
    Party Time!!!!
  • Park Day & Fall Social

    Park Day & Fall Social
    Best Fall Ever!!!!!
  • End of 1st Quarter

    End of 1st Quarter
    On to the 2nd Quarter
  • 1st Report Card

    1st Report Card
    Good grades
  • Halloween

    Trick or Treat
  • Field Trip

    Field Trip
    Field Trip at the Recycle Center
  • Main Event

    Main Event
    I sold 25 cookie dough boxes for fund raiser
    Prize: Got to go to Main Event
  • Thanksgiving Break

    Thanksgiving Break
    Thanksgiving Break in Alabama days Nov. 21-25
  • Challenge Course

    Challenge Course
    It was fun and challenging
  • Junior Acheivement

    Junior Acheivement
    It was fun with the highschool kids teaching us stuff for the future.
  • Christmas Holiday Party

    Christmas Holiday Party
    We made candy figures, hot cocoa, gingerbread houses filled with candy, watched a movie, and had a marshmallow toss.
  • Christmas

    I got great presents but my favorite was an iPad 2
  • 100th Day of School

    100th Day of School
    I've been in school for about 1000 days.