Danny's Life

  • Birth

    At 4:45 Danny Keyes (Me) was born. Father: Kevin Keyes, Mother:Julie Keyes
  • Period: to

    Danny's life and hopes of his future

  • Keys Toy!

    Danny loved to play with baby toys, especially little keys on rings
  • First word

    DADA! peeped!
  • Walking

    Daniel Keyes walked right after his younger twinn Jacob Keyes
  • First birthday with my twin brother!

    I tasted cake and I loved it
  • First Hospital Trip

    Kaitie Keyes, danny's older sister threw a rock into danny's skulland cracked it open.
  • Rock to the head!

    My sister threw a rock at my head accidentally and cracked my head open
  • First day of preschool

    I hated Mrs. Janet but i loved the other ones, Tabitha and I had a romantic relationship back in those day's.
  • Kindergarden!

    I had my first day of kindergarden
  • First trip to disney

  • 1st Grade

    Hated my teaher that year
  • 2nd grade

    My teacher fell on me that year
  • 5th Grade

    Had a good year that year
  • Garhett ran me over

    Garhett ran me over with the golf cart
  • Last Birthday party I had

    My own guest told me to shut up in the middle of my party, I was angry yet shooken like i didn't mean to do anything wrong
  • First short film

    I made my first short film, It was a parody of insidious
  • 2nd short film

    I made a project for class,it is a sequel to all the paranormal activitys
  • Sharing to Mrs. Sweeney

  • Graduate

  • Treatbagged

    My first halloween horror movie