Daniels Islamic Timeline

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In History
  • 570

    Muhammad Birth

    Muhammad was born in the oasis city of Mecca born into the most powerful tribes the quraish.
  • Period:
    Dec 21, 632

    Muhammad in the Middle East

    Muhammad revered in history with Jesus Christ and Siddharta Gatama as the founder of the worlds 3 largest religions. Christianity, Muslime, and Judaism
  • Dec 21, 622

    The migrassion to The Hijra

    Muhammad and his followers migrasio became the only hope for its survival.they moved into Medina a surronding oasis town.
  • Dec 21, 632

    Muhammads death

    Muhammad died unexpectively leaving behind no successor. Leaving behing no successor his group divided into 2 different sets of muslims.
  • Dec 21, 656

    The battle of the Camel

    the battle was between Aisha and Ali. the battle was over power were after the battle Aisa apolygained for his actions after ali beat him.
  • Dec 21, 657

    The battle of the Siffin

    the battle was with the ruller because the ruler did not want to put in jail some peopple wich caused tension endidng in a battle.
  • Nov 12, 661


    The Kharijites is a another group/ sect that opposed all contenders for the caliphate.
  • Nov 12, 661

    the move to Damascus

    mu'awiya was more interested in rulin the islamic empire as a political state than as a religion.
  • Period:
    Nov 12, 670
    Nov 12, 750

    Ummayad dynasty

  • Nov 12, 751

    the battle of Talas

    the battle was when the chinease and the muslimg fougth over land when both were expanding
  • Period:
    Nov 12, 758
    Nov 12, 1258

    Abbasid Dynasty

    political leathers only. mainly were for political power and not so much of a spiritual leader
  • Nov 12, 929

    abd al-rahman

    abd al-rahman fled to spain and look advantage of the political and religiouse troubles to take over.
  • Period:
    Nov 12, 1096
    Nov 12, 1187

    the first crusade

    the first crusade was to hold jerusalem from invaders with knigths.
  • Nov 12, 1204

    Moses Maimonides

    Moses died in egypt in 1204