Danielle's Timeline

  • Born!

    I was born and brought up with a great family in NZ!
    (My family, mum,dad,sis,bro)
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    Danielle's Timeline

  • Ballet

    I started ballet when I was three with some of my best friends!
  • Started school!

    Started school!
    I started Mellons Bay Primary when I was five!
  • Merit Cup

    Merit Cup
    When I was 5 and it was my first proper year at Mellons Bay Primary I got awarded the Andrewlin Merit Cup!
    (I was a bit scared to shake his hand!)
  • Australia

    Moved to Australia! and lived there for 2 and a half years
  • Jazz and Tap

    Jazz and Tap
    I started jazz and tap dancing when I went to australia! I have been doing it all through out my life scince then.
  • Back to NZ!

    Back to NZ!
    We moved back to NZ because our family missed us back here and origanally we were never going to stay there forever!
  • Merit Cup! AGAIN!

    Merit Cup! AGAIN!
    After we had come back from Australia we came back to our old primary (Mellons Bay) and I spent the rest of my primary schooling there. On the last term and the last week of my school year when I was in year 6 I got the Merit Cup! (AGAIN!)
  • School!

    I started school at bbi!!!!!