Dalef reconstruktion 2.0

  • Freedmen's Bureau

    The Freedmen's Bureau was a government agency that helped freed slaves in distress.
  • Segregation

    Segregation is the separation of buildings, rights, by race, gender, and even species.
  • Reconstructions

    Reconstructions was a period of U.S.A history after the civil war when people were trying to get the U.S.A back in order.
  • Black Codes

    The Black Codes were laws that redistricted what black people cold do.
  • Jim Crow laws

    The Jim Crow laws were laws that made it so wight people were always better than black people.
  • Plessy vs Fergusson

    30 year old Homer Plessy was a wight, black mix he thought sins he had a wight completion that he could sit in the wight car on the east louisiana railroad he was wight but under louisiana law he was black so he was Forest to sit in the black car.
  • Brown vs Board of Education

    Supreme Court ruled that racial segregation in public schools was against the 14 amendment of the Constitution.
  • Emmett Till

    Emmett Till was 14 when whistled to a wight woman. He the was shot, beaten to death and thrown into the Tallahatchie river.
  • Little Rock High School Desegregation

  • Freedom Riders

    the Freedom Riders were groups of people ho protested the supreme courts racial rulings that was un fare.