Daisy Cabral Personal/ Historical Timeline

By daizy12
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    Beatiful baby came into the world lol
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    Daisy Cabral Personal/ Historical Timeline

  • Brothers Birth

    Brothers Birth
    On this day my brother Benito was born hes the olny boy in the family of teh 5 of us he is like my bestfirend and me and him get along very well sometimes
  • 1st of School

    1st of School
    This day was very sad to my mom was the olny child in time she had to take me to school and she was going to stay home by herlself beacuse my dad worked.
  • Traning wheel

    Traning wheel
    THis day my said vas very excited beacuse I was riding my bike with no training wheels even if I had alot of injuires afther the dayI never gave up
  • 9/11 attacks

    9/11 attacks
    This was in impact in American because we were attacked from terriostes to the twins tower i New york and Pentagon this made seeme American week but in the end it made our naiton grow eve stronger
  • Grandmpa died

    Grandmpa died
    This was my dad dad it was very said ebause he leftmy grandma to run the whole family beacue of the land thy had and palces thy owned to herself.
  • seven astronauts killed

    The spaceshuttle Columbia explode whenthe coming back to earth which killed 7 of them this impacted America besue all does people in the spaceshuttle were great astonauts and showed us how things could go wornge,
  • Invasion of Iraq 2003

    Invasion of Iraq 2003
    THe United States with United Kindgom and Ausrtila wanted to over throw Saddam Hussein out of power beacuse thy said he had massive power wepons which can do harmly damege and try to take over the world.
  • Invention of IPod

    Invention of IPod
    This was in impact in america because everyine has an ipod in just didnt affect american but it beacme a world wide sensanion. Now everyone uses one like the president ans any common people.
  • Facebook.com

    It affected America very good beacuse now everyone has facebook now celebrities and political poel have one too and its use to communicaet with people around world whihc thiers 900 million users.
  • 1st Surgrey

    1st Surgrey
    This was an oral surgerey I need to have of the many Am going to have liek this summer I will have a surgrey too to fiz problsm in my mouth. I had braces since 4th frade and got them of during sophmere year.
  • Hurricane Katrina

    Hurricane Katrina
    This hurrican made America chagne in teh way we helped others when the biggest hurricane happend since 100 years which destroyed have of state but m,ade us cometoegether as a nation tohelp others out
  • Nancy Pelosi

    Nancy Pelosi
    The1 st women of the House of Representatives which gives the sex barrier puts doen beasue its showes that women can be in politics too and now more and more women are becoming more involed politics.
  • Softball Award

    I got this award beacuse my softball won all teh games in teh season and I got a seperate award for the top 5 cacthers in the majors divison.
  • Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich Arrested

    In made a big deal on the news because fther obama was eleceted Rob was trying to sell his senate seat but was caught with recordings and was arrested and now imprison for 30 years and made Illinios well chicago the place with the most corrupt people in politics.
  • President Obama Elected

    This was important to America beacuse the color barrier was broken the 1st African American was in office as a president which helped say to america its time for change.
  • 8th Graudution

    ITs was a very omportant day because in my family I achived a higher educatio ntahn my parents because in mexico life was very differnt in education.
  • Quinceanera

    On this day its a very important tradition in my mexicana culture beacuse is the transition from a girl to a women.
  • Grandma Death

    This day was very sad in the family beacuse my grandma was the head of the family when her death came it made an impact on my mom side of th family.
  • Osama Bin Laden Death

    Osama Bin Laden Death
    He was on the FBI's 10 most wanted list afther admitting to had been invloe in the 9/11 attacks it was a victory to American nation afther the American soliders found him and killed him.
  • baseball game

    baseball game
    My very 1st baseball game with the whitesox vs Indaians very excited beacsue I got to walk on the field and go to meet the players.