Dai'Jah Life

By 9213393
  • Forming

    Your eyes and ears began to form and you can breath regularly
  • Period: to


  • Period: to


  • Period: to


    You are forming into a baby and getting the bodyparts that you need to survive.
  • Infancy

    you becan to crawl
  • Period: to


    When I was a baby all was wasnt a very nice person my dad told me that I never talked or anything until i ws at least four.
  • Period: to


    We moved from New yoyrk to here because my mom didnt want us near al the volience. She got married 3 years later.
  • Moving Day

    We moved from New York because my mom didnt want us near all that volience.
  • Surprise Visit

    My dad and Uncles drove all the way from New York to surprise me and my brothers.
  • Period: to


  • Birthday money

    My mom thought that i didnt need clothes any more that i could get money for my birthday so i got 200 dollars.
  • Period: to


    I got money for chrismas in stead of getting toys. I also got a phone.
  • Period: to


    Get rinkly skin not able to move as fast as use to.
  • Aging

    your skin gets rinkly, I'm not able tomove as fast either. I also get tired.
  • Ageing begins

    Aging begans.