Crunch by Kevin Allen Non-Friction, 201.

  • Chapter 1 and 2 1-36

    In chapter one it just talks about players playing in pain and how they over come it. And in chapter 2 it talks about bodychecking and how it can hurt a lot of people and how its important to hockey.
  • Chapter 3-4 39-65

    Chapter 3 is about shot blocking and how players put there bodys on the line to stop a shot. In chapter 4 it talks about the forwards and how strong and fast they can be and how they are so important to the game.
  • Chapter 5-6 65-104

    Chapter 5 talks about they players in the NHL that are just play to get into fights with the most inportant people on the ice. Chapter 6 was about fighting and how the rules of the NHL have changed and how impotant fighting is in the NHL.
  • Chapter 7 104-112

    Chapter 7 was just about the fight between Bob Probert and John Ferguson.
  • Chapter 8-9 112-151

    Chapter 8 was about the toughest players in the NHL, the all around best, and the fiercest player oin the NHL. In chapter 9 it talks about the tough guys of hockey and what they do and that stuff.
  • Chapter 10 143-151

    Chapter 10 was about the captains of the hockey team. It talks about there leader ship and they way they are there for the team.
  • Chapter 11-12 171-183

    IN chapter 11 it talks about the rivarly between Denver and Detroit and how its effected both treams. In chapter 12 it talks about the Maki green incident and how it changed hockey.
  • Chapter 13 178-183

    In chapter 13 it talks about the impact of the death of Bill masterson in the NHL.It tells us how important he was and why his death was so tragic,
  • Chapter 14 183-201

    In chapter 14 it is prety much summing up what hockey is. It also tells us about how hockey has changed in the 21st century and how different it is and how and why things changed in the NHL.