cruces/Texas RevolutionTimeline

  • Battele of Gonzales

    Moores men crossed the river and fired the tiny but loud connon at the Mexican soildiers. Castaneda ordered his troops to retreat to San Antonio
  • The Consultation Of 1835 Begins

    Settlers who belonged to the war party urged the delegotes to declare independence from Mexico.
  • Battel of San Antonio

    Texas attack San Antonio.
  • Start of the siege of Alamo

  • Constitution convection begins

  • Texas Decleration of lnd. Signed

    In two weeks they had written a constitution.They gatherd at Washington-on-the-Brazos. When they met it was near freezing which may have speed up the procedings.
  • Battel of the Alamo

    Santa Anna attacked the Alamo for political,not military reasons.For 13 days, Mexico troops prepared for battel.March 5, 1800 troops surrounede the Alamo.
  • Runaway Scrape

    March 11-April 21,1836
  • Battel of Coleto

    March 19-20,1836 On March 14Fannin recived orders from GenaralSam Houston to retreat to Victoria
  • Goliad Massacre

    Santa Anna orderd all of the captives to be shot.In March27,men were divided into 3 columns and march out of the compound. Some men hope they were going home.
  • Battel of San Jacinto

    THe battle lasted 18 minutes in the battle 630 mexicans were killed and 730 captured but Santa Anna escaped during the battle.