Courtney's Life

  • Birth

    I was born at around 6 in the morning and I weighed 9 pounds and 5 ounces. I had a head full of dark curly hair. I was born into a family consisting of a dad, mom, and two sisters.
  • Period: to

    Birth - Present

  • Keep on moving.

    Even though I was only 1 my aunt would blame me for coming over and trying to kill her dogs but i was actually just trying to pet them. But of course she didnt believe us so mom said that it was time to move away from her.
  • first trip to the beach

    The first time I went to the beach with my family. I dont exactly remember what happened but i know that we broke down a couple times and they forgot me in wal-mart.
  • First haircut

    I have very curly hair, even at a young age I was blessed with a head full of curls. My sisters were very jealous of my hair because they had straight, flat hair. So one day we were in the McDonalds drive through and me and my sisters were sitting in the back seat. They had found some sissors and they cute some of my curls and when we got home they pinned them to the refrigarator and I couldnt reach them.
  • Kindergarden

    I was pushed off the monkey bars on the play ground, at Bell Central, by a roudy cousin. My arm had been injured and when i went to tell the teacher she just shooed me away. I wrapped my jacket around my arm and went into the school. I was stopped by the principal and he asked me why my jacket was wrapped around my arm. I showed him the pretruding bone and he became frantic. He took me to the nurse. I was later transported to the hospital and found out that I had broke my arm.
  • Pre-School

    I was getting off the bus after a hard day of pre-school. As I walked around the car into the yard I seen my dad sitting on the porch holding his knee. When I asked what had happened I was told that my mom hit my dad (accidently) with the car while trying to fix it.
  • First Surgery

    I had my tonseils taken out.
  • Twin Towers

    I was in class when this happened and I wasnt completely sure what was going on but i knew something was bad because people were running down the halls and the teachers were whispering and some were crying.
  • Saved

    I was saved in church. I was very young so I'm not completely sure how I was feeling but I do remember sitting at a small round table in a small room with toys and clown wallpaper border.
  • Homemade pickles

    My teacher brought us some homemade pickles because we were doing very well in our studies. Your probably wondering why pickles? Well thats because some of the students in the class had never tryed them and they are personally my favorite so we convinced him to make us some and bring them in.
  • Moved up

    I was in the regular math classes and one of my teachers approached me and told me that i was just to advanced for it and they moved me up to the higher class and it made my path for my future classes.
  • First Dog

    I was in the third grade and my mom picked me up from school just like anyother day...except mommy had a present for me. I went out to the car and in the seat was a puppy!
  • Girl Group

    When I was in school I had a group of really close friends and we tryed to start a girl singing group and we would practice in a teachers room at recess.
  • Sixth Grade

    I had been playing soccer for two weeks and at practice our coach told us to take off our gear and one of the players kicked me in the ankle and it broke my ankle.
  • Scoped?

    I was having quite a few problems with my stomach and my mom took me to the doctor and she said I would have to be scoped. I was taken to childrens hospital early one morning to have it done. I mostly remember doctors in funny hats.
  • First Kiss

    I had my first kiss during the summer of 08'. It was with my first boyfriend of my porch after he walked me home from the park.
  • Switched to bell

    I switched schools for the first time because I was having troubles at my old school. So mom wanted me to get away from it and I stayed at Bell for the rest of my freshman year and most of my sophmore year.
  • Bell County Soccer

    I was the first Right Wing in soccer that bell county has ever had. It was the first year that soccer had ever been at the school.
  • Head Injury?

    We were at the beach and I was getting some stuff out from underneath my beach chair and when I did a big gust of wind came and the chairs the umberella was knocked down on top of me and I woke up in the emergency room with a concussion.
  • Parents Divorced

    They finally got divorced and my mom and her boyfriend moved in togeather. My mom is 47 and her boyfriend is 28.
  • First Cremation

    My grandmother had died of breast cancer and she was cremated. That was the first time I had ever been around something like that. I can still hear the ashes and bits of bones rubbing the sides of the container when you picked her up.
  • Knee Injury

    I was running down the soccer field with the ball and another player ( on the other team) tried to do a slide tackle but her foot came to far up and hit me in the side of the knee and it caused fluid to get in my knee.