Course of the War

  • Archduke Ferdinand is assassinated

  • Austria Hunargy declares war on Serbia

  • Germany declares war on Russia

  • Germany declares war on France

    Germany goes through Belgium on the 4th, then invading France. Britain declares war on them the same day.
  • Britain declares war on Germany

    First attack by air.
  • Japan declares war on Germany

  • Britain announces blockade on trade to Germany

  • Allies land at Gallipoli

  • Treaty of Londen (Britian, Italy, Russia, France)

  • U.S. ship Lusitania is sunk by German U-boat

    Amercain diplomatic crisis.
  • Italy declares war on Central Powers (going against their treaty)

  • Germany captures Warsaw (capital of Poland)

  • Tsar Nicholas heads the Russian Army

  • Germany renounces submarine policy

  • Period: to

    Battle of Jutland - Biggest Navy Battle in History

  • Arabs revolt against Turks in Hejaz

  • Italy declares war on Germany

  • Germany starts using U-Boats again

  • Woodrow is relected

  • Battle of Somme ends

  • Germany sends out peace note

  • Germany resumes unrestricted submarine attacks

  • U.S. cuts diplomatic ties with Germany

  • Zimmerman Telegram

    Germany proposes to Mexico for it to invade America. Later published in U.S. press March 1st.
  • Tsar Nicholas II abdicates from the throne

  • U.S. declares war on Germany

  • Treaty of Brest-Litovsk

  • Tsar's family and himself are murdered

  • Germany ceases unresitricted submarine attacks

  • Austria-Hungary concludes armistice

  • Kaiser Wilhelm II abdicates

  • Armistice Day - 11th day, 11th hour