How to write a letter

Correspondence -- Text based communication

  • Letters

    In 1988 I was introduced to the idea of a "pen pal," and my cousin and I started writing letters to each other.
  • Printer

    A few years later, our families both got dot matrix printers! We could type letters (and stories), and then print them off and send them. I loved tearing off the edges, and never threw them away. I was always sure I could use them for something! (Probably drove my mom crazy.)
  • You've... Got Mail!

    You've... Got Mail!
    When my family got the internet in our home, it was the most incredible thing! I can still hear the whirs and pings and the dong-dong-dong as I connected. Email became our new favorite way to connect with each other.
  • Instant Messages

    Instant Messages
    If we happened to be online at the same time, we could even message each other back and forth!
  • Chat Rooms

    Chat Rooms
    My senior year in high school, I discovered chat rooms, and that is when I became seriously addicted to my computer.
  • My First Cellphone

    My First Cellphone
    When my oldest child started school, I decided it was finally time for me to join the cellphone craze, and I got my first cellphone. (I could only send 20 text messages a month, and I was VERY CAREFUL not to go over. I heard horror stories about $1000+ bills from friends.)
  • Smart Phone!

    Smart Phone!
    My first smart phone -- complete with unlimited texts! -- completely changed my life forever.
  • Social Media

    Social Media
    I was slow to join social media, but when a friend had a baby and refused to send pictures to me personally -- "just go on facebook!" -- I finally joined the 21st century, and started connecting with long lost friends and family from all over the place.