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  • Paul McCartney's Chaos and Creation in the Backyard Tour

    My very first concert was in Chicago seeing my mother's favorite Beatles member. I wasn't super into this one, but I was only in seventh grade
  • Jack's Mannequin performs at the Orbit Room in Grand Rapids, MI

    I was merely a sophomore in High School. But this was the beginning of the end for me. Andrew McMahon bewitched me and I'd never want to stop being partially deaf again!
  • The Aquabats Live at Saint Andrew's Hall in Detroit

    There has never been a concert more entertaing. The Aquabats shouted their classic anthem "Pizza Day" while fighting villians on stage. Also, one of my absolute favorite concert t-shirts.
  • Mustard Plug finally has a show I can attend in Ann Arbor

    The venue was crappy, the audience was way demanding and I almost got elbowed in the eye by an overly passionate skanking fan. Not the best concert.
  • Lollapalooza in Chicago!

    As a sort of send off to my last summer before college, Caitlin and I stay with a friend in Boy's Town, Chicago and spend five days enjoying the biggest alternative music festival in the country. Among the many bands we saw perform were Bright Eyes, Skylar Grey, Christina Perri, O.K. Go, Coldplay, Cee-Lo Green, Young the Giants, Foster the People, and Eminem.
  • Fun. at St. Andrew's Hall

    My sister and I revisit one of our favorite venues to see one of our favorite bands. The opening band, Miniature Tigers, become one of our new favorites and we met and hugged the lead singer, Charlie!
  • All American Rejects and Boys Like Girls at CMU

    My first concert without my sister, Cailtin. Seats were cheaper than standing room, but I'd rather pay the extra $5. For me, if you're not standing, it's not a concert. While Boys Like Girls put on an amazing performance, AAR's lead singer was so hammered when he came on stage that my friends and I ended up leaving after "Move Along"
  • Fun. at Calvin College

    For my twentieth birthday, my sister bought us tickets to go see Fun. and Miniature Tigers at Calvin College. We were incredibly close to the stage for this one. I couldn't believe they would get any better than when we saw them in March. Dear lord, was I wrong!
  • Streetlight Manifesto in Portage

    My parent's followed suit with my sister and bought the tickets for this concert as a birthday present. The venue was an old church. The venue was cool, the moshers were awesome, their perfomace included all the classics, some new tracks, but a whole lot of awesomeness
  • 21 Pilots and New Politics in Lansing

    A group of friends had recently discovered 21 Pilots and dragged me along to their small show in Lansing. Tickets were only $12, how could I refuse? Great performance, and New Politics shocked us all with some great music, a little break dancing, and a crap ton of energy
  • Andrew McMahon at St. Andrew's Hall

    After anouncing that Jack's Mannequin would no longer record, my sister and I were left heart broken. But then. Andrew McMahon announced a solo tour and we were done! Playing new songs, Jack's Mannequin and Something Coporate favorites as well as a few from his upcoming EP, we were blown away. But the highlight of the night was the encore perfomance of Konstantine, a song that defined an entire generation of punk rock loving teens in the beginning of the 2000's. My sister cried her eyes out