• When it Began

    In 1822, a man named Charles Babbage began making the first computer engine
  • First General Mechanical Computer

    Charles proposed another idea and made the first general mechanical computer called the Analytical Engine,it wasnt built until after his death.
  • First Free Programmable Computer

    First Free Programmable Computer
    Konrad Zuse made the first free programmable computer called the Z Computer in 1936
  • First Electric Programmable Computer

    First Electric Programmable Computer
    Tommy Flowers created the first electric programmable computer in December 1943 called the Colossus, to help the British code read the German messages
  • First Computer Company

    The first computer company was called "Electric Controls Company", later called EMCC. It was found by J. Presper Eckert and John Mauchly.
  • First Stored Program Computer

    First Stored Program Computer
    A British computer called the EDSAC was invented on May 6, 1949 and was the first graphical computer game. Its nickname was "Baby".
  • First Transistor Computer

    First Transistor Computer
    The first transistor computer is called the TX-O, or Transistorized Experimental computer.It was made by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  • First MiniComputer

    First MiniComputer
    In 1960, Digital Equipment Corporation released the first minicomputer called PDP-1.
  • First Mass-Market PC

    First Mass-Market PC
    A man named Hewlett Packard created the first mass-market PC called the HP 9100A and was released in the year 1968
  • First Microprocessor

    First Microprocessor
    The first microprocessor, called the Intel 4004, was released in November 1971 by a company Intel.
  • First Workstation

    First Workstation
    The first workstation ever to be released was called the "Xerox Alto". It included the functional computer,display, and the mouse.
  • First Personal Computer

    First Personal Computer
    A man named Ed Roberts created the first personal computer called the Altair 8800. Many consider the Kenback-1 the first personal computer in 1971,but it contained many problems.
  • First Apple Computer

    First Apple Computer
    The first apple computer was created by Steve Jobs, and also Steve Wozniak. It was called "Apple the first"
  • First portable computer or "laptop"

    First portable computer or "laptop"
    The first truly portable computer, or laptop called Osborne the first. was release in April,1986 by a man Adam Osborne. It weighed 24.5 pounds, and had 5 inch computer display.
  • First MultiMedia Computer

    First MultiMedia Computer
    A computer called Tandy Radio Shack,created the first multimedia computer called MPC standard in 1992.